Austria: "The Risen Lotus Flower" Is an Eye-Opener

On March 7th, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts Touring Company's second presentation of the Chinese Spectacular in Vienna was honored with continuous applause from the audience. The spectators were delighted by the wonderful show. Traditional Chinese dances, Western and Chinese musical instruments combined to produce Chinese classical music, and a state-of-the-art backdrop transported the audience from the present back to ancient China.

During the intermission, many audience members gathered near the orchestra pit, where some took a look at the different Chinese and Western musical instruments and conversed with the orchestra members. Three members of the Pruckner family attended. Anton, the father, was the head of a production department before retirement. His wife, Sabine, is a businesswoman, and their younger daughter, Christina. is in elementary school. The couple was showing their daughter all the different musical instruments, because Christina has just started learning to play three of them.

Talking about the Divine Performing Arts Orchestra, Sabine said, "The music is very pleasing; I liked it a lot. The music matched the performances perfectly. Very pleasant."

Besides the music, the whole family was satisfied with all performances. They thought the dances were incredibly graceful and exquisite, and the costumes elegant and beautiful.

They said they especially liked the dances "Nymphs of the Sea" and "The Risen Lotus Flower." Anton said, "'The Risen Lotus Flower' deeply touched me. What they presented was full of humanity and traditional values and was very thought-provoking."

"The performance is an eye-opener. I can imagine that the current circumstances in China are even worse than what the performance presented. What impressed me the most was the lady's performance. The way of presenting ideas can awaken people's hearts."

The family also thought that using dances to portray stories or to convey a message is a very good idea. Sabine said, "I think it is a good way to raise people's awareness of what is happening in the real world, because it can make people see through the surface to see the content behind and allow people to understand how to resist it."

Anton said, "The hosts' explanations were very good, allowing us to easily understand the meaning behind each dance number, and also helping us better reflect on what we were seeing."

Sabine and Anton said they would tell their friends about the show. "We had a very exciting evening tonight, very, very beautiful. The show was also full of substance, which made it even more appealing."

They wanted to pay their respects to all of the performers. They thought the Chinese Spectacular performance was a remarkable event.

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