Czech Republic: Premiere of the Divine Performing Arts' Chinese Spectacular in Prague is Well-Received, CCP's Interference is Criticized

The Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular premiered at the Prague Congress Center on March 10th, 2008. Many dignitaries, including people from political circles, and art and cultural circles as well as people from all walks of life attended the more than two hours performance showcasing China's 5,000 years of traditional culture. During the opening night of the Chinese Spectacular, the audience's applause and laughter could frequently be heard. At the end of the show, the performers answered curtain calls twice due to the audience's lasting applause. Jiri Liska, Vice Speaker of the Czech Republic's Senate, praised the show, saying, "It was extraordinary."

Czech audience enthusiastically applauds the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular

Vice Speaker of the Czech Republic's Senate: The CCP's interference won't work On February 15, 2008, prior to the arrival of the Divine Performing Arts to Cezch Republic, the Chinese Embassy published an announcement in a local Chinese newspaper to slander the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular and warned the local Chinese not to attend the show. It also interfered with the posting of advertizing and delivered letters containing the content of the announcement to all media outlets.

Jiri Liska, Vice Speaker of the Czech Republic's Senate attended the premiere of the Chinese Spectacular and accepted an interview

Regarding the CCP's interference, Mr. Liska said to Deputy President of the Divine Performing Arts Touring Company, Mr. Guan Guimin, "(The CCP)interference won't work here."

Marek Bend, a member of the Czech Parliament

Marek Bend, a member of the Czech Parliament, said, "The Chinese Embassy always tries to scare people. I think we have [given them a lesson], and now the CCP interference has become much less. I think that Chinese leaders should realize that one day freedom will come, and the more strictly they control their regime, the more they will be criticized." As for the opening night performance, Mr. Bend said, "It is a beautiful picture of the greatness of China�"a picture of how ancient and profound the culture is. I find it fascinating. I have a feeling it is partly made for Western culture, enabling us to understand it. I have two children with me�"one is six and the other is eight. Both of them had a wonderful time. We all appreciate it."

Famous Czech actor: CCP's interference is nothing but an instant in history. What really remains is culture

Marek Vasut, celebrated Czech actor and National Opera House actor

Marek Vasut, a well-known Czech National Opera House actor, attended the Chinese Spectacular and said, "I think the performance is meant for the whole world. The universal values it presents should also be followed by the whole world. " Mr. Vasut said, "I like the traditional culture. I especially liked three dance numbers in the performance, the two drum dances and 'Water Sleeves.' They are my favorites. I'm an actor, I'm interested in Chinese culture, Buddhism, traditional Confucianism and Taoism." Regarding the CCP's interference with the Divine Performing Arts, he said, "It's not surprising for me, because I grew up under a similar regime, and now this regime continues to exist in China. Its interference with the Divine Performing Arts is a common trick of the regime. Even if such a regime can sustain itself for a while, finally, it will come to its end. It is only an instant in history, what truly remains is 5,000 years of culture. Time has been very short, you will come back." Another actor, Wasute Malaike, [phonetic] said that he was not surprised at the CCP's interference, but such a way of doing things will eventually be discarded by history. He continued, "This is the world's most ancient culture, it is easy to understand. It's a very good Chinese culture, a continuation of tradition."

The media created a special program to introduce the Divine Performing Arts Upon learning that the Divine Performing Arts Touring Company would perform in the Czech Republic, the Chinese Embassy began to use various means to interfere. The CCP's activities aroused the interest of Czech TV's Channel One. The TV station especially invited Divine Performing Arts' artists on the morning of March 10 to take part in a live program, where they did an in-depth segment on the Divine Performing Arts' mission and background, as well as the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong. The host of the TV station said that they had not made a special preparation for such an interview, but the Chinese Embassy's warning letter aroused their interest, and therefore, they decided to invite the Divine Performing Arts' artists to appear on the show.

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