Slovakia: Divine Performing Arts Performs to a Full House

Audience Gives a Standing Ovation and Cheers for Three Curtain Calls

The Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular premiered to a full house at the Slovak National Theater in Bratislava, Slovakia on March 9th, 2008. According to the organizer, the tickets were completely sold out a week before the performance. Many people who did not get tickets in time were disappointed that they could not see it this year.

Audience watches the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular in Slovakia

During the performance, the host and hostess, one who spoke in Chinese and the other in Slovak, had humorous exchanges which often brought laughter from the audience members. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause from time to time during the performance, especially when the performance "The Power of Awareness" reached a scene where the people stand up to uphold justice for persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. The audience responded with overwhelming applause.

When the performance came to a close, the audience burst into thunderous applause. When the curtain fell, due to the audience's enthusiastic applause, the curtain lifted three times. The audience's applause lasted as long as five minutes. When the curtain finally fell, the audience's warm applause continued. This was the first performance held in a former Communist country in Eastern Europe. Though the Chinese Embassy made various attempts to interfere prior to the show, the Divine Performing Arts Touring Company achieved a complete success.

Manager of the Commercial and Organizational Department of the Theater: I absolutely hope that the Divine Performing Arts come again next year

Manager of the Commercial and Organizational Department of the theater, Ms. Zuzusa Jaskoua, said prior to the performance, "It is the first time we have staged a performance on Chinese culture. Based on past experience, it would be considered a very popular performance if 80 0f the tickets were sold. But a few days ahead of the Divine Performing Arts' performance, the tickets were completely sold out. The theater side is very pleased and hopes to continue the cooperation next year."

Manager of the Commercial and Organizational Department of the Slovak National Theater Ms. Zuzusa Jaskoua

After the show was over, Ms. Jaskoua told the reporter, "I liked the performance very much, including the dances, music and backdrops. I have never seen anything like it...very beautiful. I absolutely hope that the Divine Performing Arts come again next year."

Ms. Jaskoua also revealed that the theater once received a letter from the Chinese Embassy, asking the theater to cancel the performance. She said she was not quite sure about the specific circumstances, but undoubtedly, the theater rejected the unreasonable demand of the Chinese Embassy. She said, "This is a democratic country, how can the Chinese Communist Party officials interfere with an artistic performance this way?"

Psychologist: The performance is very pure, as if bringing light to the world!

Ms. Longauerova is a psychologist. She said that all of the programs were harmonious, and had a very high level of artistry and precision. The message conveyed in several programs about Falun Gong deeply moved her.

Psychologist Ms. Longauerova (left) believes the principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" should truly be upheld

She thinks the values expressed in the whole performance is a challenge not only to China, but also for all nations and all cultures in today's society, and is not easy to uphold. She said all people in the world would benefit from these values.

She said the the three words, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" are not empty talk, but truly have a powerful existence. She said that the whole performance was very pure, as if bringing light to the world!

Lawyer: I was deeply touched by the performance

Lawyer Ms. Kubovicova and her husband

Ms. Kubovicova is a lawyer. She said that the performance deeply touched her. She said the colors of the whole performance were rich, and she thought the entire performance clearly presented the message of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

Diplomat: The whole performance is very meaningful

Young diplomat: The whole performance is very meaningful

A young diplomat asked that his name not be revealed due to his work. He said that he thought the whole performance was very meaningful, and the form of expression was very good. He said that the show helps others easily understand the principles through artistic expression. He thought it was a shame that traditional values are suppressed in China, but was pleased that such an outstanding artistic performance can help people learn what is really happening.

The Chinese Embassy's Interference was in Vain--the Overseas Chinese Love the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular

According to feedback from local people, the Chinese Embassy staff once went to the local Chinese Association in an attempt to block the performance of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular in Slovakia. They slandered the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular, calling it an "anti-China" performance, and asked the local Chinese not to attend the Chinese Spectacular. But local Chinese who attended the performance said that this show makes Chinese people proud!

Susan Zhong and her husband attended the show together. Ms. Zhong, who went abroad over two years ago described her experience of buying tickets, "I was very excited after seeing the message from the Epoch Times website about the arrival of the Divine Performing Arts to Bratislava, and had been looking forward to buying the tickets. One day, when I learned about the performance from a local radio station, I immediately bought two tickets. Two days later when I recommended that my friends also buy tickets, all tickets had been sold out. I'm lucky to have an opportunity to feast my eyes on the charm of the Divine Performing Arts."

After seeing the show, Ms. Zhong said, "I am very proud of the show because I am Chinese. I want to let my husband learn about what real Chinese culture is! I liked the body language (in the performance) the most. The women performers were really delicate and beautiful!"

Mr. Wang, a local Chinese, brought his Slovak wife and his parents-in-law with their daughter to see the Chinese Spectacular. He said, "Very good, I liked it very much. My mind was melted into the dance performances." The whole family highly praised the Chinese Spectacular.

After the opening evening show of the Chinese Spectacular, the Divine Performing Arts Touring Company will perform three shows in the following two days in Slovakia. By the end of its world tour in late April, the Divine Performing Arts will have performed in nearly 20 countries in Europe this year.

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