Austria: "It reminds people of the human being’s sacred origin"

Michael Adam is a sole trader doing adult training courses, holding seminars and lectures etc. After watching the first performance of the Gala Spectacular on tour in Vienna, he said, it was really a pity for those who missed this performance. "The Spectacular is inconceivably good. First of all, the lively and vigorous energy has fulfilled the need of Austria. Because Austrians are serious in speech and manner, the lively Chinese Dances are really excellent. In addition, the Chinese and Western musical combination accompanying and also the different traditions and cultures, all of these can completely unify together.’

Adam said that the Spectacular was incredibly good and it was really a pity for those who missed the performance
Adam said, “Another very good point I want to make is that, the Spectacular also mentioned things about the spiritual side, but it did not make a definition, this makes people feel very good, simultaneously audiences were not forced to take in anything, I feel it’s very good. It did not stress on a particular religion, but it reminds people of the human beings’ sacred origin. I am very satisfied about this.”

He also said, “I was attracted by the Chinese traditional backdrops since my childhood, the cloudy and misty mountains, and the characteristic trees and so on, I don’t know why, maybe my previous life was as a Chinese. Today when I saw the screens, I felt very comfortable and was attached; it might not really be my home country, but indeed there is a feeling of familiarity, I felt very comfortable.”

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