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  • Thoughts on the Easily Overlooked Attachment of "Fame" During the Course of Cultivation

    I always felt that I was quite a modest person; some practitioners even said that I had a pure mind. Recently however, I have found that I am not so "pure"; instead, my issues are more complicated than others. I realised that on almost every occasion, my each thought, or many of the things that I have done all revolved around the factor of "fame." This was something that had formed deep in my bones and wasn't easily recognisable.
  • Being Responsible as Falun Gong Practitioners

    Sometimes when I saw or heard about something that some Falun Gong practitioners didn't do very well, I would think: apart from first looking inside to see what I had done wrong, I should also write it down so as to share this with other Falun Gong practitioners. If we have done something that is inappropriate, it is likely that we might leave a negative impression of Falun Gong to not only those who don’t practise but also to those who do.
  • Clarifying the Truth While Working as a Private Tutor

    In the end, two envelopes for each class were sent out. Afterwards, Xiao Jie received the packages and brought them to school for her classmates to read. The colourful truth-clarifying materials easily attracted the students. Many students would gather around to read them. They were able to gain a good understanding about Falun Dafa. One student said, "Wow! There are also so many people practising Falun Gong overseas!"
  • The Distance Between Me and Veteran Falun Gong Practitioners

    I participated in activities to help stop the persecution, yet I didn't make diligent advancement in studying the teachings of Falun Gong and the practice, nor did I have a chance to really practice and share experiences with other practitioners in a group. Lacking a solid foundation in my cultivation, I only had a surface understanding of Dafa and Master. Hence I gave in to the police fearing that they might extend my detention terms.
  • The Problems of Always Insisting on One's Own Opinion, or of Having No Opinion

    However, I have noticed a phenomenon: some practitioners mix the concept of "no organisation, no leaders" with the bad behaviour of not following rules and not obeying leaders' orders in everyday society. In some Dafa activities, these practitioners are self-opinionated and even resist the coordinator's advice by using ordinary people's tactics.
  • Pay More Attention to Our Fellow Falun Gong Practitioners as well as the Cultivation Environment

    My story here is very simple, however, it was not an easy thing for her. Thinking about it, I felt that I was far from having her righteous thoughts and actions. I believe that if each one of us can always remember Master's teaching, pay attention to fellow practitioners with our hearts, and give a hand to anyone who falls behind, our environment will become better and better when our righteous thoughts are stronger.
  • Eliminate the Evil Dark Minions by Uniting Our Righteous Thoughts

    They interfere by strengthening these practitioners' attachments, and eventually they take control of them. From the perspective of the surface dimension, for those practitioners who had omissions in these two areas, some of them gave up their practice after the persecution began in July 20th of 1999, and some, although they came through the persecution after nearly dying several times, finally failed in the test of ordinary people's fame, pursuits, and emotion, and could not extricate themselves from it.
  • Ireland: Activity to Remember July 20th 1999

    It was then that I noticed his blue shirt and black tie when I asked him if by any chance he was a member of the Garda Siochana ( the Irish police). His face beamed, "Indeed I am and it was while on duty in Tullamore a few months ago during the Foreign Ministers' conference that I was assigned to keep watch on Falun Gong." He went on to say that he was most impressed by the peaceful nature of the practitioners and the beauty of the exercises were a revelation to him, particularly the small boy who became so still like something from Heaven
  • Interview with a Wheelchair-Using Falun Gong Practitioner

    During some international large-scale activities, I met a wheelchair-using practitioner from Northern Europe many times. I imagined how difficult it was for her to participate in these activities. Last May I was happy to see her again in the famous Stephen Square in Vienna, while she was practising Falun Gong exercises in her wheelchair along with other Dafa practitioners. I managed to talk to her and asked her some questions.
  • My Understanding of the South Africa Shooting Incident and Fa-Rectification Cultivation

    I heard the shooting incident scared some new practitioners and practitioners who didn't study the Fa well, because they think the persecution has escalated abroad. In fact, Jiang's group would have made a grave mistake if they had planned to escalate the persecution. It is impossible to achieve this and will only speed up their own destruction. The more crimes they commit, the more they will reveal themselves.
  • Talking About Serious Cultivation With Practitioners Who Do Not Know How to Improve Themselves

    Everyone is familiar with this phrase, but some practitioners do not really know how we can be serious. I think that in our cultivation we should be strict with ourselves in accordance with the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." We have to check whether or not we tell the truth and do truthful deeds, if we mix selfish motives in with our speech, if we consider others when we speak, as well as if our words are kind and compassionate or ill-willed.
  • Reflections from Fa Study

    In fact, Master had already suggested that we memorise the book. I felt deep regret for not listening to Master in the beginning. If all practitioners in Mainland China had listened to Master--did what Master asked us to do, memorised the Dafa book and laid a solid foundation--could we still not know what to do when the persecution started? Could we not remember Master and Dafa when we were arrested, beaten and tortured, instead of only focusing on our physical suffering?
  • Letting Go of Our Human Mentalities and Truly Saving Sentient Beings

    When a project needs to be done, we usually first ask for help from those practitioners who are more active. However, once these practitioners take over the project, they may have to set aside the projects they have been doing. A better way is to encourage more practitioners to participate; otherwise, when a new project takes off, an on-going project will stop. On the whole, their may be little overall gain.
  • Some Dafa Practitioners from Beijing Recount Episodes of Teacher Imparting the Teachings of Falun Gong

    Many Falun Dafa practitioners in Beijing were fortunate enough to attend the classes Master gave, where he personally lectured and taught the exercises. In these classes, every disciple's body was purified and their thoughts were improved. During that period, we experienced, learned, and heard many stories regarding Master. Some stories seem like legends when told, but all of them are real.
  • Each Chance is Precious

    As I was wondering what had happened, an older man beside me said: "I'm sorry. Somebody stepped on my foot. When I lifted my foot, I kicked you accidentally." I hastened to say: "Don't worry. Don't worry. You didn't kick me for no reason, right?" He looked at me with his eyes wide open. I told him close to his ear: "This is forming our karmic relationship." Then I gave him a booklet about Falun Dafa and told him that he would benefit from it when he read it. He was quite happy and thanked me several times.