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  • Different Mindsets Produce Different Words and Actions

    Looking inside, I found a series of notions, such as worry, wanting to rely on others, and selfishness, among others, all mixed together. My heart was not pure. I asked myself, "Why hadn't I thought about going to the newspaper and telling them the truth facts?" Each different thought brings about a huge difference in consequences. One thought has brought out and exposed my notions and incorrect mentality.
  • A New Practitioner and His Wife Become Illness-free after Practising Falun Dafa

    While reading the book, I tried to look for negative things as described by the Chinese media. After finishing the book, however, I couldn't find a trace of the bad things the government was claiming. Instead, I came to an entirely different conclusion: that is, if everyone learns Falun Gong, moral standards will rise and society will become more stable and harmonious. People's lives will also become better, and cultural activity will increase. Strong and healthy people will then rise all over the world.
  • Looking Inwards Rather than Outwards

    I thought that I had taken the loss and gain with regards to image and self interest very lightly, but when I dug deeper, I realised that I should also have given up the losses and gains with regards to image and self interest involved in participating in Falun Gong activities. I have also realised that I have more tribulations when I have not studied the Fa well. When I can do the three things better and have strong righteous thoughts I cannot be interfered with.
  • Requiring Oneself to do the Three Things Well

    To show the true facts about Falun Dafa, practitioners have even set up media outlets, making efforts in all aspects. But when different ideas occur that cause arguments, which can be seen as the inevitable problems and is a crucial element in our cultivation, some practitioners are unable to reach an agreement because of their individual attachments. Dafa work and individual cultivation are affected by the lack of a thorough understanding of the Fa and the impracticality of the ideas.
  • My Personal Experience of Practising Falun Gong

    I will never forget the first time I practised the Falun Gong exercises. It was in Hillhead library. I learnt about the classes from a leaflet. On the front of the leaflet, the words ‘Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance’ were printed. At the time I never paid much attention to these words. What attracted me to the practice were the words – ‘Suitable for all ages’, ‘Relieves stress’, ‘Increases energy levels’, ‘Improves health’, and ‘Free and easy to learn’. These were exactly the very things in my life, which I needed.
  • Some Thoughts on "Choice"

    In the beginning, my understanding of the term “choice” was quite limited. In this maze of human society, people face two choices whether to believe in the propaganda issued by former Chinese President and dictator Jiang Zemin to develop hared towards Falun Dafa or to rationally look at both sides to see that Falun Gong is actually just a peaceful cultivation practice. This choice determines their future.
  • Thoughts About the Situation in New York

    No matter whether it’s the power of evil or the power of justice, they all form their own complete system. Our local activities should also act in accordance with the current cosmic climate. At present those Falun Gong practitioners in New York are holding torture exhibitions on the streets everyday, shouldn’t we also increase our local activities and place more emphasis on doing the three things well?
  • Falun Gong Practitioners Go to the Olympics to Cheer for the Chinese Volleyball Team

    During the competition, our group cheered the loudest. When the match ended and the team from China had won, the team members greeted the spectators. Attracted by our cheering, one member turned to look in our direction and she was suddenly dumbfounded. We knew that she saw the words Falun Dafa. Thus, not only did she know that there were people practising Falun Gong overseas, but even Western people were practising it. Those who practice Falun Gong also cheered for them and supported them.
  • Another Discussion on "Taking the Fa as Master"

    Despite what one says, what matters in the end depends on what one can truly achieve. I thought about my past. When I was studying the Fa, I occasionally had doubts about a certain sentence. When sending forth righteous thoughts and doing other Dafa work, I also had doubts such as, "Will this really work? What if something goes wrong?" I never felt that I lacked faith in Dafa, but on that day I was shocked.
  • Our One-Month Experience in Africa

    Although African countries are generally poor, their legal systems mirror the western systems in form and substance. In contrast to China, the news media and legal practices are relatively independent of governmental functions. If we do well in spreading Falun Gong and clarifying the truth about the persecution, especially to the legal sector, then this lawsuit may not be the only one filed in the African countries.
  • Outraged Villagers in China Prevent the Xishui County Police from Arresting Someone who Practises Falun Gong

    The news travelled like lightning throughout the village. Soon, one villager after another came running from field and home to Mr. Yao's house to explain to the police that Mr. Yao Wanglai was the best person in their village; that he was honest and kindhearted, observed discipline and always obeyed the law. Even the head of the village government stood up to the police and vouched for Mr. Yao's character as a rare and good person. Not only did the police ignore all the testimonials, they became increasingly aggressive toward the villagers.
  • Taking a Righteous Step Towards Godhood

    I realised that I did not want to face any hardships nor take any responsibility. I did not want to do many things nor to be too tired, and so on. All in all, I just wanted to cultivate in the way I used to do while I was a student, which was very comfortable as I had a lot of time for myself. However, cultivation is so serious, with a heart that seeks comfort, how can I say I am a cultivator?
  • Only by Filling Our Hearts with Thoughts of Others Can We Have Immense Compassion

    that is why eliminating egotism and selfishness should be done throughout the entire process of practice and Fa-rectification. In the process, egotism and selfishness is being eliminated little by little, one level after another. A little bit of it is eliminated here but there is still some left there; a little bit is eliminated in this level but there is still more in the next level. Only by constantly eliminating it will we reach Perfection.
  • Eliminating the Concept of Rank

    She replied, "The important practitioners have all gone to Congress to clarify the facts. We, the second rate practitioners, are the only ones left. Nevertheless, this activity is going rather smoothly." Although it was just a joke, the problems reflected here deserve our attention. Everyone is cultivating in Dafa; since when have we had ranks? Yet the notion of rank has become very common among practitioners, with some regions being worse than others in this respect.
  • Continuously Improving Ourselves

    In Western societies, many people give more weight to form and pay less attention to the inner meanings of things. They over-emphasise the value and pursuit of the individual. People will see such problems in individual practitioners. To a practitioner, the purpose of exposing one's problems is to provide an opportunity to get rid of them as soon as possible. If instead of eliminating them, we try to cover them up, or even try to paint them as good, it will only have a negative effect when validating Dafa.