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  • The Glory of Falun Dafa

    We noticed more and more passers-by in the pedestrian zone. They were clapping their hands, smiling, waving and showing their delight with heartfelt attentiveness. Some walked alongside the practitioners in the parade, as if they couldn’t wait to learn all about it and the reason for this wonderful parade. We even noted that, within ten minutes, the police officers who had held an attention position relaxed and displayed a friendly attitude.
  • Our Anti-Torture Exhibits Should Reflect the Strength and Dignity Shown by the Practitioners Facing the Real Thing in China

    A different performance would result in different effects. I remember one practitioner was performing the part of a victim of the hanging torture in Washington DC. Although she was being tortured, her calmness, firmness, and nobility moved many passersby. Many journalists and audience members took pictures of her.
  • The Importance of Studying the Teachings of Falun Gong

    But as I got more and more busy with activities related to Falun Gong, as the interference that I suffered from the old forces seemed to become less and less, and as my living and financial condition improved more and more, I paid less and less attention to Fa study. Then, even though I seemed to be busy the whole day, I found that I was doing much less work and was more tired than when I was consistently studying the Fa every day.
  • Cooperation is Key When Planning Parades

    Although there was not a "good" in the banner of "Falun Dafa," the shiny golden words meant "good" by themselves! "Falun Dafa is good" was designed to target the propaganda and defamation inside China. If it was a parade only for Falun Dafa or if we were in front of a Chinese consulate, then we should display the "Falun Dafa is good" and "Global Trials on Jiang Zemin" banners.
  • The Importance of Having a Righteous Attitude Towards Truth Clarification and Breaking Through Our Strong Sense of Self

    I also saw that I had a very selfish attitude regarding the cases I proofread. I would only volunteer to help when I had a lot of free time and I would set for myself a “quota” of how many cases I would do each day. If I reached that amount, I was content with myself and didn’t ask for more cases. I was treating the proofreading as a chore and did not feel any responsibility for the project as a whole.
  • Improving Communications to Form an Indestructible Single Body

    The Communications Team is made up of technical professionals. Many of us are not very good at communicating. From ordinary people’s standpoint, this may be why we did not communicate well with each other. Earlier, some team members often had disagreements on the priority of different projects. The lack of communication and our attachments of jealousy and thinking our own ideas are the only correct ones turned the disagreements into conflicts. Since we are all technical experts, competing with each other on technical knowledge became the main attachment.
  • Cultivating our Hearts Whilst Taking Part in Falun Gong Activities

    I found that the Dafa materials were not put in good order when stored in the garage; banners, SOS T-shirts, and videotapes were everywhere. Upon one practitioner's suggestion, we tidied things up. In my opinion, the Dafa materials, banners, and SOS T-shirts are all purchased with money that practitioners scrimped and saved to get. Every Dafa practitioner should cherish those items. We all know to take good care of our Falun Dafa books. The same holds true for Dafa materials, banners, and videotapes. We should cherish everything related to Dafa.
  • Clarifying the Truth to Government Officials

    If each person can spend one hour to call one or two government offices or organisations, the cumulative effect will be immeasurable. Everyday we would reach others. Our righteous thoughts would help government officials know the truth at a deeper level in order to choose the right position for themselves. In the meantime they can accomplish their assigned responsibilities in the international community. For Dafa practitioners, it’s just a small thing to do during lunch time every day.
  • Cultivation of Selflessness

    I remember that, on my cultivation path, I used to always think about how to pass a certain test or how to eliminate a certain attachment. At the end of last year when I thought back about my cultivation path, everything became so simple. That is, when I put together the several incidents that had the biggest impact on me, I realised that the cultivation path is a journey of cultivating "selflessness."
  • On Poetry

    Looking at the English poetry on some of our websites, much of it is in a more modern style. Some is written without particular emphasis on rhyme, rhythm, meter, etc. However, from reading Master’s lecture on fine art several times I came to the understanding that the requirement for poetry, just as art, for the future is that it follows an upright and traditional path.
  • Firmly Believe in Master and in Dafa; Use Every Opportunity to Explain the Facts About Falun Dafa to the People

    "There must be some organisations donating money to Falun Gong; otherwise, how could they support themselves until now?" My employer said, "I know about this; my friend practises Falun Gong. Every time she joins any activities she uses her own money that she saved from her daily living expenses." After she returned from work she told me, "Look, even those Westerners won't believe that Falun Gong does not have any external support. Today I spoke out for you and finally they believed me." She also told me, "I was lucky that the first Falun Gong practitioner I met was you."
  • Those who Practise Falun Gong Outside of China Also Need to Pay Attention to Security

    On the issue of security, Falun Gong practitioners outside China live in an environment that is relatively amiable and one that has an established legal system, so they are sometimes complacent and do not pay enough attention to security. When we as Falun Gong practitioners rely on non-practitioners for our security, it actually means that we have not studied the teachings of Falun Gong well enough.
  • A Good Method for Showing the True Situation of Falun Gong

    I suggest that we wear clothes or other materials such as badges with Dafa-related contents in order to let Chinese people see that there is equality of human rights and freedom of belief overseas. Let them see that practitioners are healthy and energetic. Let them see practitioners' families enjoying themselves, and the popularity of Dafa outside China, as well as to expose the lies of Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin and his regime.
  • Finding 150 Yuan Becomes an Opportunity to Show the Truth about Falun Dafa

    I said that I was not returning money for the sake of a reward, but that my intent was to let more people like them learn the truth about Falun Dafa and that it's not like what the propaganda on TV had publicised. Right at the moment when I was explaining the facts, a group of tricycle drivers came around. Some of them looked at me with admiration, some gave me a thumbs-up, some said, "Falun Dafa is very good", while others said, "Why don't you demonstrate the Falun Gong exercises right here!"
  • Recognise Our Shortcomings and Strive Forward Diligently

    For those of us who make time to study the Fa, many times we cannot calm our minds and focus on what we are reading, but let our mind wander or think about other "important" matters we have to get done. We also let ourselves get disturbed by mixed thoughts, feel tired and sleepy, or interfered with by family members--all of which seriously interferes with our Fa study. Some practitioners cannot effectively eliminate this interference, thus causing them to not be able to improve and keep up with the requirements of this period of time.