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  • Some Thoughts on Practitioners Who Do Not Take Doing the Exercises Seriously Enough

    Our time is tight. After finishing doing one thing, we often need to do another; all day long we are so busy and rushed that we take care of one thing and lose sight of another. Thus, it is even more so that we should we practise our exercises well in order to have ample energy to carry out our tasks. Therefore, I would like to remind practitioners who do not practise the exercises or who have not practised the exercises for a long period of time to understand from the Fa the importance of doing the exercises.
  • Days and Nights Spent in Front of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto

    My home is near the Chinese Consulate in Toronto, and my path of showing the truth about Falun Dafa starts here every day. After more than a thousand days and nights and many difficulties, I have persevered through four severe winters and summers, and persisted through several cycles of spring, summer, autumn and winter. This site is like my home, and I go there to relieve other practitioners when I have a little bit of extra time. If possible, I send forth righteous thoughts there four times a day. I would like to share my experiences with you.
  • Don't Treat the Three Things Like Tasks

    I think we shouldn’t treat the three things like tasks, but we should comprise it into every single moment, every single thought and every single thing we do. Only in this way can we fully utilise the time that we have, remove our attachments and be able to accomplish our tasks in the most efficient manner.
  • A Few Points of My Understanding on Truth-Clarification

    Cultivation in the past was passive, but the cultivation of Falun Dafa is up to our own initiative. We are constantly assimilating to the Fa. If we only passively endure the tribulation whenever it appears, our cultivation would be no different with that of the past. Today, in the evil environment when Falun Dafa practitioners are cruelly tortured and people are poisoned, silence is actually indulgence of the evil persecution.
  • Our Every Word and Deed Either Validates or Damages the Reputation of Falun Gong

    If those who practise Falun Dafa do well, people will say: "See how good Falun Dafa practitioners are, and how high their virtue is." This will spread widely from one to many people. This in and of itself is an act of upholding Dafa. If we don't do well, we may cause damage.
  • An Unforgettable Memory -- Attending Teacher's Lectures in Harbin of China in 1993

    She sold me a ticket for fifty yuan and led me directly to my seat. I learnt later that this lady was a stadium employee. The seat she sold me was in a good spot, where the hockey players rested. I had a long wait after I took my seat so I chatted with the lady. She had bought the ticket for herself but she said she could not live up to Teacher's standard, though she knew Falun Gong is really good. I remember her name was Zhu.
  • A Few Words on "Validation"

    The literal meaning of “Validation” is to prove genuineness. When Falun Dafa practitioners validate the Fa they are doing so to prove to the people in the world the truthfulness, wonderfulness and magnificence of Falun Dafa by our words and deeds and at the same time, to expose the lies being spread by former Chinese President Jiang Zemin and his clique.
  • Practising the Falun Gong Exercises Outside The Hague International Court in Holland

    At the entrance to The Hague International Court more and more people pro-actively came to our practice site to understand the facts. On several occasions I found the whole square packed with touring buses. Numerous Chinese tourists were unwilling to board their buses though urged by their guide. It wasn’t until we had finished the five sets of exercises that they would stop taking pictures or taping us.
  • How to Talk About Falun Gong to Those Living in Western Countries

    There seems to be a need to discuss our methods and experiences with regards to talking to Westerners specifically. Since most Westerners come from a quite different background than Chinese, when we clarifying the facts about Falun Gong there are often various questions that arise. Similarly, there are sometimes misunderstandings, and these are often different than the misunderstandings Chinese tend to frequently have.
  • Correct Extreme and Warped Notions and Rationally Walk Our Path to Mighty Virtue

    Some practitioners have not cultivated solidly for a long time. They have been cultivating while holding on to their fundamental attachments. They have participated in Falun Gong activities with a lot of human thoughts. They have been tied to and led by their fundamental attachment of pursuit. So their actions of validating Dafa were not sacred. Instead, they kept on making mistakes and causing losses. They have stumbled again and again, but are still in a foggy state.
  • A Brief Discussion of the Need for More Tolerance

    If there were more tolerance in the human world, there would be fewer tragedies. If there were more tolerance among Falun Gong practitioners, more losses could be avoided. If practitioners cannot tolerate others, then it is meaningless to talk about compassion.
  • The Power of Compassion

    Was her main consciousness aware when she put the broken glass in the pancake? Wasn't it arranged by the old forces? Don't we need to negate the arrangements by the old forces? Therefore I sent out one thought, "I will not hate you for the bad things you have done to me. I do not consider it to be your fault. I will not acknowledge what you have done because I will only remember your merits and the good things you have done for me.
  • Thoughts From Cultivation

    When bad thoughts started to arise towards my view on cultivation, these were all taken advantage of by the old forces and greatly magnified. I have found that any attachment is like a free pass for evil to interfere with us. I again fell on this issue for a while and my cultivation took a dive. Since then my cultivation really went up and down. My attachment really reflected my attachments to comfort and selfishness.
  • Fundamentally Clarifying the Truth Is the Key -- Thoughts After Reading a Report on the Seattle Sea-fair Parade

    Experience told us that we would not have time to talk even after the event because the audience would leave shortly after the performances were over. Wouldn't we end up just entertaining everyday people? If we do things according to ordinary people's mindset, no matter how much we do, we will not achieve the effect of saving sentient beings We will only be good persons amidst ordinary people.
  • Understanding the Importance of Righteous Thoughts

    I felt that I could not do what I wanted to do. Even though I kept on sending forth righteous thoughts and even looked inside myself for problems, I did not feel any relief. When I was about to doze off reciting the Fa-rectification verses, I enlightened to something suddenly. For the past four to five days, my physical state had not been good. The fundamental reason is that I did not pay enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts.