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  • Clarify the Facts About Falun Gong With a Benevolent Heart

    I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who as a result has been tortured by police officers at a forced labour camp. I was shocked on the head for lengthy periods with an electric baton. As a result, I am disabled, as the nerves controlling my lower limbs were damaged and I can no longer walk. I will narrate my personal experience thoroughly so as to share with fellow practitioners, in a hope that this will enable all of us to do better in our efforts to let the worlds people know about Falun Gong and the persecution.
  • My Understanding of "Be Diligent Without Slacking Off"

    Although I studied Master Li's new articles every day, I was not as diligent in reading Zhuan Falun as I had been in the first few years. It is not the number of times that I have read the book that matters; it is the fact that I had slacked off inadvertently. Although there is a lot more work to do now than there was five years ago, the requirements of the Fa are higher, and I should not have slacked off in my Fa study. This shows that I was not very diligent.
  • Clarifying the Facts About Falun Gong to the Economic Community During the World Economic Forum in New York City Two Years Ago

    There were numerous opportunities to meet various kinds of people in restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops in big hotels. Some were renowned professors, reporters, members of NGOs, or even high-ranking military officials from other countries. However, after a few days of walking around, sending forth righteous thoughts and giving out packages, I felt like we had not received any notable results. The notion of talking with a key figure from a world-class company never left my mind.
  • My Experience in Making Materials that Contain the True Facts about Falun Dafa

    One day, a practitioner suggested setting up a Falun Dafa information centre at my home, which would involve myself and another practitioner. She promised to teach us to use the computer. But where would I find a person who could work with me? Some practitioners were too afraid. Finally, I found a female practitioner who we will refer to as Angie, who was responsible for material delivery, just like me. But she was disabled and was also less educated. Nevertheless, the Falun Dafa information centre was created.
  • Some Thoughts on the Activities in New York City

    First, a number of fellow practitioners were gathering together on several streets, and we noticed especially that many Falun Gong practitioners had congregated in a particular area on a narrow street. From a distance, we certainly appeared as a rather large group; however, we were unsuccessful in distributing materials. On the contrary, having a group of two to three practitioners doing the same job on other streets with photo displays and exercise demonstrations was very effective.
  • A Suggestion for the Anti-Torture Exhibitions

    The anti-torture exhibition has generated great results, as it has given citizens of many different countries a direct understanding of the persecution. Many people are shocked by it, and they have condemned the persecution. One thing many Falun Gong practitioners have pointed out is that it should also demonstrate the practitioners' perseverance and their righteous belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" under those conditions of brutal persecution.
  • Experiences and Reflections on Introducing Falun Gong and the Persecution in Manhattan (Part 1)

    She looked at her mother and hesitated a little bit before she took a leaflet from me. Then she boldly stepped forward and said to me sincerely, "I hope you get what you want." I bent down slightly and looked into her big eyes, which were filled with sympathy, and said, "Thank you. You are a very nice girl. Please tell the story of Falun Gong to more people. That way you are helping us to stop the persecution." She was relatively young, so she was speechless for a while before she responded, "I will."
  • Feeling Neither Discouraged in Difficult Times nor Smug during Smooth Times

    Of course, during those two days, we met some reporters who accepted our leaflets. One man in a business suit initially refused my leaflet until I said, "It's been five years, and more than a thousand people have been tortured to death." He immediately showed an interest in reading our material and put a copy of our newspaper in his suit pocket. Many people told us that they already knew about us and had been keeping track of our status.
  • Two Falun Gong Practitioners from Germany Introduce People to Falun Gong and the Persecution in New York

    Before reaching New York, we had the opportunity to tell people the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution in China in many places in North America . Most American’s are rather inquisitive and open to human rights discussions. Subjects such as freedom of belief and religious freedom are of great importance to Americans.
  • A Taiwanese Falun Gong Practitioner Tells of Experience in Argentina

    The book exhibition was opened for VIP's and specially invited guests for three days from April 13th. The general opening ceremony was held on April 16th, when it was opened to the public. The opening ceremony was grand as senators, mayors and foreign ambassadors all came to attend the event. Publishers from over 400 publishing companies and bookstores from all over the world came to attend. There were also special halls representing each of the Central and South American countries, introducing their cultural aspects.
  • Going Beyond Being Good - Consciously Discarding Attachments and Continuously Elevating

    I have noticed that many practitioners have not moved on from their understanding of being good in the context of everyday people and have not elevated. When conflicts happen, they tend to use the human mentalities to judge right or wrong without seeing their own attachments even when the same problems happen again and again.
  • Brief Analysis of the Mentality of Depending on Others

    I was practicing Falun Dafa, quietly participating in activities to introduce people to Falun Gong and the persecution, even as I kept busy with studies and my two positions in the student council. I graduated from college easily and even got an "Outstanding Student" award. More importantly, many of my classmates were able to understand the truth about Falun Dafa's situation and learnt that Falun Dafa is good.
  • My Understanding on the Importance of Showing People what Falun Gong is Really About

    The effectiveness of our truth-clarification is not only a test of how well we study and assimilate the Fa, but also a test of how effectively we send righteous thoughts. If we hold our attachments tightly when clarifying the truth it will offset the effectiveness of our truth-clarification and maybe it will also become a loophole that will be taken advantage of.
  • "Remaining Unaffected" Is a State of Mind of Enlightened Beings rather than a Method for Reaching a Goal

    We should not have the concept of being happy or unhappy. It was inevitable that the evildoer would step down, and this event has nothing to do with what we Falun Dafa practitioners need to do.
  • Suggestions for How to Write Experience Sharing Articles

    As many practitioners have felt, writing experience-sharing articles is a process of rational thinking, cultivation, and self-improvement. Even if initially our thoughts were wrong, not very rational, or not pure enough, this is an opportunity for us to reflect, to see how much improvement we have made in our thinking and actions after a period of studying the teachings of Falun Gong and showing people the true facts about Falun Gong, and to learn from our shortcomings and failures.