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  • Cultivation Experiences Shared by a Falun Gong Practitioner in Taiyuan City of China

    Why did the Falun Gong that I learnt sound so different from what was on TV? I was very confused. So I stayed at home to read Falun Gong books. I didn't communicate with other practitioners or look inward for my own attachments, yet I thought I was cultivating. In August of 2003, I received an email from another practitioner and learnt how to access Falun Gong websites. I downloaded Teacher's lectures, and started to seriously study the Fa [universal teachings, the principles taught in Falun Gong] and truly cultivate myself. Here are some of my experiences I have had whilst removing these attachments during my cultivation.
  • The Chinese Embassy in Holland Refuses my Application to Renew my Passport

    My passport was stolen when I travelled to Denmark in September 2002. In early November of the same year, I went to the Chinese Embassy at the Hague and applied for a passport renewal. I was told that the passport would be ready for a collection within three weeks. At that time, I thought nobody was aware that I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I received a phone call from the Embassy on November 15th, saying that my passport was ready for collection. Two days later, I received a second phone call, in which a staff member of the Embassy told me my passport wasn’t ready yet.
  • European Falun Gong practitioners in Manhattan

    The key point is the leader is the main terrorist. They also know treating good people with this cruel torture can not be known to the public; therefore they don’t allow the media to disclose it. Exposing cruel torture will be treated with this cruel torture by the nation’s policemen. It even shows the terror in China as well as the horror of the Chinese autocrats.
  • Because I Practise Falun Gong, I No Longer Use Large Quantities of Medication

    If I didn't have this experience, I may not have truly understood the joy and changes after studying Falun Dafa. It enabled me to face sharp criticism in a tolerant manner and to face difficult situations with broad-mindedness and forgiveness. I discovered that I was often stubbornly blaming other people in the past. I used to be aggressive and overbearing, but because of Falun Gong practice, I changed my attitude and have become warm and considerate. As a result, I am now a better wife and mother. My anger and bitterness also disappeared.
  • An Ancient Cultivation Practice Falun Gong Improves Neutrophil Functions and Causes System-Level Gene Regulation

    The effect of Falun Gong on health appears not to be dependent upon age, sex, or cultural background, as indicated by the large-scale health survey carried out in 1998 in China. To better understand the healing effects of Falun Gong, we carried out a series of studies on polymorphonuclear leukocytes (neutrophils; PMNs) of Falun Gong practitioners and compared them with PMNs from randomly chosen non-practitioners.
  • Three Insights

    There is a saying among people, "more haste, less speed." Some fellow practitioners always try to achieve quick results. They end up with little achievement instead. When a good practitioner or an enlightened being are faced with a difficult situation, I believe that they calmly and peacefully analyse their situations and handle them well with the wisdom they have learnt from the Dafa principles. They will calmly and unhurriedly work out what they are supposed to do and accomplish their missions.
  • Informing People with the Correct Information about Falun Gong Helps Stop the Persecution

    Recently I found that some fellow practitioners do not have a clear understanding about the relationship among the three things that Teacher requires us to do and their relationship to stopping the persecution. Some practitioners expect an end to the persecution as soon as possible, but they do not take initiative in clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to people.
  • Some Thoughts after Studying Teacher's Recent Article, "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People"

    I think, "How good it would be if all these new and veteran practitioners alike would step forward. That way, in a short time, all people across the whole country would know the truth." I have found that the best method for declaring the truth to people is to be able to adapt my speech according to their specific differences, so they will know that I am speaking directly to them as individuals rather than just "making a speech" to them. Among the many effective techniques for clarifying the truth, this one is unsurpassed.
  • Have We Found Our True Selves Amidst Our Cultivation?

    Every being that can enter the new cosmos must achieve the state of selflessness and unselfishness, considering others first before himself. My personal understanding is that a cultivator and an enlightened being should completely assimilate to "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance." He treats every being with compassion and he will not have his heart moved by anything. The purpose of his existence is for the good of others.
  • Why Should One Fulfil His Commitment?

    From ancient times until around 100 to 200 years ago, people would take a commitment or a promise seriously, no matter if it was a formal pact or just an oral promise. People were careful about what they committed themselves to and once they did, they would stand to it forever, no matter how long it would be or how great a price it would cost. The Chinese idiom "keeping a promise is worth a thousand ounces of gold" is no exaggeration and is a most suitable description for how a promise was regarded.
  • Rectifying the Foundation Will Help One Study and Recite the Great Law

    Happiness has different levels of meaning. In any life, what I understand to be the highest level of happiness is to be able to study the Great Law. In my deepest thoughts, I know that I feel happiest when I am studying the Law, so I love doing it. It takes more than one hour for me to go to work every day. I recite one lecture of Zhuan Falun1 on my way to work and I recite another when I come back home.
  • Dealing with Domestic Disputes According to the Fa is Part of Fa-Rectification Cultivation (Part 2)

    Every time her husband came back from business trips, she would complain of her father-in-law. Her husband could no longer bear it and replied angrily, "With such an attitude, you still want to become an enlightened person?" At first, she was angry with her husband, but then came to see her problem. A week later she came to see the root cause and dug it out. She studied the Fa with a peaceful heart.
  • Thoughts on Talking About Falun Gong to People in Manhattan

    Falun Gong practitioners' peaceful and persistent resistance against the persecution during the past five years has proven that the belief they hold dear is the true hope for China. Since Falun Gong originated in China and is connected with Chinese culture, the people of China can mostly accept these beliefs quite comfortably. Supporting Falun Gong is actually being responsible for bringing stability to the 1.3 billion Chinese people and is also being responsible for the stability of the future world.
  • Dealing with Domestic Disputes According to the Teachings in Falun Gong is Part of Cultivation

    For some time, a few fellow Falun Gong practitioners have been preoccupied with domestic disputes of varying degrees. They had difficulty distancing themselves from the situations, and thus the conflicts grew bigger and bigger. In this special period of Fa-rectification, dealing properly with domestic disputes is not as simple as dealing with personal problems. If we do not deal with these situations properly, they will not only affect ourselves, but also the image and reputation of Falun Dafa.
  • The Disparity Between Several Elderly Falun Gong Practitioners and Me

    Indeed, "They can see us if we practice here." This is the very purpose. In order to have the Chinese tourists see the Falun Gong exercises with their own eyes and understand the nature of Falun Gong, these elderly practitioners in their 60's and 70's gave up practicing the Falun Gong exercises in the quiet park and have been demonstrating the exercises on the noisy sidewalk day after day, rain or shine.