Germany: The Mayor of Munich and Other Politicians Express their Views about the Chinese Spectacular

Mayor and Wife: "An education of the heart"

On Friday, April 18th, the Divine Performing Arts Company delighted the audience at Munich's Prinzregenten Theatre. This theatre is well known for its top-class concert events. Munich was the final stop for this Company on its tour through eighteen European countries, with the first performance in Duisburg. Shortly after, the company of artists returned to the USA with its unique show that celebrated the Chinese New Year.

At the end of the performance we met with Mayor Zeissmeier and his wife who specifically came from Pfronten in the Allgaeu (mountain area) to see this show. They shared their views of the show with us.

Mayor Zeissmeier and wife

This reporter had informed the mayor about the persecution of Falun Gong at some earlier date. He had heard from the press that this meditation practice had been banned during the end-of-the 90s. He was kept abreast of China's human rights violations through meetings with Falun Gong practitioners and as well by the visit of the Dalai Lama in Berlin two years ago.

He stressed, "The free world represented by America, Europe and many parts of Asia have to take action. They must not keep economics in the forefront. What must come before anything else during international relationships are human rights, freedom, tolerance and all that we have learned tonight. China has great potential. China is not only an economic power, but also has much intellectual power."

When asked about today's show he answered, "It was very beautiful. It was spectacular. It showed purity. It was poetic and it was a great success. The old and the modern, represented by the different scenes, the drums, the singers and the dancers were a unique combination."

Only the Best Feelings were addressed by this Show

Zeissmeier's wife was quite impressed with everything she experienced during the evening. She found it were educational and said that the show in her opinion was "An education of the heart."

"I felt that one is intensively stimulated by this show and it forces one to reflect on much. It is not comparable to any other show. It only appeals to the best human feelings. At least, that's how I feel about this show. The usual type of shows addresses sometimes a rather base instinct. Yet, this show imparted purity in my opinion, exuded harmony and was very charming. The charm permeates everything. It is something that one is generally not exposed to. It is presented very tastefully and has the mission to make people think. Thank you very much!" she said.

Member of the German Bundestag, "This art compels one to reach another sphere and to think in a different dimension"

Dr. Axel Berg, member of the German Bundestag and acting SPD [Social Democratic Party of Germany] speaker for energy policy said that he definitely would recommend the show to others and tell them "It is a great pleasure, a fun filled evening and at the same time it urges to reflect on what one sees. There is nothing more perfect than this show."

Dr. Axel Berg, member of the German Bundestag and acting SPD speaker for energy policy

The political message in this art form will force the audience to think in other spheres and in other dimensions.

"The minute you are with your thoughts on what is happening on the stage, you become a part of the whole," he said, based on his experience.

This Bundestag representative gained knowledge about Chinese culture because of political associations.

"Today, I attended this performance because I want to express my support for Falun Gong, culture, democratic movements and freedom of thought. Although I'm a great friend of the Chinese people and feel sympathy for the regime, I still want to support this. This is the reason why I attended this show today. Now I say with a twinkle in the eyes that besides political deeds, you also will accept culture, you have done a perfect job," said Dr. Berg.

The Bundestag representative appreciated the performance by the Divine Performing Arts artists deeply. He liked best the drums, but also could appreciate the other scenes. He said, "The unity among the dancers is brilliant and at an advanced level."

He also said that the choreography in conjunction with the back drops was done exceptionally well, “especially since it corresponded with respect to colours with each other and presented a completely different stage performance to the audience. I found this absolutely great. Yes, it might have been quite nice if there would have been just a stationary back drop, but one would have tired of the stage decoration. The difference was that this backdrop moved."

He named the scene "Nymphs of the Sea" as an example of the great impact of what he was trying to convey. He said, "One does not see a stormy sea, no waves, and no moving sea. But, one sees a completely quiet and yet lightly moving waves, which together with the dancers present an absolutely deep effect."

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