Sweden: "The Divine Performing Arts Leads Chinese Renaissance"

The Divine Performing Arts presented its fifth show at Circus Theatre in Stockholm on March 24th with remarkable success.

Mr. Aki Partanen, an IT consultant who works for a company founded in Washington DC, said that the Divine Performing Arts is leading the way for the renaissance of classical Chinese culture, "I instinctively realized the moment I saw the costumes and the backdrop that this was an unusual performance--in fact, it was peerless in the true sense of the word."

IT consultant Mr. Aki Partanen said the Divine Performing Arts is leading the way for a renaissance of Chinese culture

His favourite programmes were "Drummers of the Tang Court," "Victory Drums" and the Erhu solo. Mr. Partanen recommended this "superb performance" to anyone who enjoys good art, good music and different cultures.

Regarding the Chinese Embassy's attempt to interfere with the Spectacular in Sweden, Partanen scoffed, "The Communist Party has really lost its mind for trying to meddle with people's freedom to perform in Scandinavia! At the same time, it reflects the reality in China, as this kind of behavior is nothing new for the Party. I hope people will get a better understanding of [the Party] through this incident."

Partanen said it's natural for people to react to the Party's aggression, "For anyone who cares about human rights, watching the Spectacular is also one way to support that."

Mr. Bjorn Lindholm, executive manager at a family service company in Sweden, brought his wife Marina Valentseva to see the show. The couple said they were profoundly touched by the performance and they understood an important message, as articulated by Lindholm, "I'm moved beyond words. It's so beautiful. I appreciate the 'spirit' [of traditional Chinese culture], and the message is truly wonderful."

Mr. Bjorn Lindholm, executive manager at a family service company and his wife Marina Valentseva

Mr. Lindholm further acknowledged the fact that persecution exists in China and the Spectacular presents freedom defenders, "People should have all kinds of freedoms including freedom of belief. The ongoing struggle in China for basic rights is very important."

He also identified certain features that are unique to Chinese dance, "Classical Chinese dance is different from western ballet. The Divine Performing Arts is highly artistic and the way they carry themselves is very distinctive."

Ms. Valentseva said with emotion, "I was almost moved to tears! The show is fabulous. It's extremely professionally done and the coordination between sight and sound was absolutely perfect. The costumes are marvelous. The dancers are graceful and very well synchronized. It's as if they breathe in and out at the same time."

The couple said, "We wish we had brought a bouquet, because we would love to present it to these outstanding artists. We felt the energy emitting from their compassion."

Swedish Artist: "Like spring water in the desert"

The Divine Performing Arts staged five shows on March 20-27th at the Circus Theater in Stockholm and Konsert & Kongress in Link�ping. The touring company returned to Stockholm on April 3rd for an additional performance due to overwhelming demand. A touching scene occurred at the end as the audience raved over the Spectacular in a standing ovation and thunderous and enduring applause.

One artist expressed his feeling, "Divine Performing Arts lifted us all the way up to a heavenly realm. Words simply fail to convey the infinite joy and wonder!"

When interviewed by a reporter, Sam Paris, who is a seasoned veteran of the trade with more than 20 years of experience, and has graced the stage at famous venues in Paris and New York City, had nothing but acclaim, "From an artistic perspective, the stage design was flawless. The program was tight-knit and made great use of time."

"It's very difficult to choreograph and maintain highly synchronized moves for such large-scaled dances, but it was magnificently done in the Spectacular. It's top-class and shines with incomparable ingenuity. I think the whole world should get a chance to watch this show, because it is absolutely superb!"

"It gently takes you by the hand and raises you up! To be more accurate, it's a spiritual experience. Watching the show was like entering another dimension I never knew existed." Paris continued with an enamoured look on his face, "Tonight's show allowed me to experience celestial kingdoms! It was like time was brought to a full stop and I didn't even think about the mundane life. I simply wanted to enjoy every second of it. It was like drinking sparkling spring water in the middle of a desert!"

Voya Stepanovic, a film producer and painter, called the Spectacular, "The best! Awe-inspiring!"

Mr. Stepanovic said the Spectacular brought him tremendous happiness and he would recommend that his family and friends see the show next year, and not without some expert advice, "You must see it! Watch it with your heart and think about what is being communicated in the show! You have to not just watch it but also bring home the concepts [presented in the Spectacular] and act on them!"

According to Mr. Stepanovic, "Drummers of the Tang Court" and "Victory Drums" were among his favorites, as they lifted his spirits and instilled new vigor in him. He summed it up with, "Exquisite, powerful!" On the other hand, two dances that depicted the persecution of Falun Gong in China aroused some deep feelings, "'The Risen Lotus Flower' evoked very strong feelings in me, and 'The Power of Awareness' almost moved me to tears! They basically personified the battle between good and evil!"

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