Sweden: Children's Book Illustrator Overwhelmed by Chinese Spectacular

On April 3rd, 2008, Divine Performing Arts staged its fifth performance of the Chinese Spectacular at the Cirkus Theatre in Stockholm. A well-known illustrator for publications for children, Voja Stepanovic, attended the performance under a friend's recommendation. After the show, he told the reporter ecstatically, "I was deeply moved by the show."

Voja Stepanovic, a Swedish children's book illustrator, with a young dancer after the show

Vibrant colours are beyond description

Mr. Stepanovic's main line of work is illustration for children's books, especially English children's books. His work is popular in America and Europe. He commented, "As a painter, I am constantly improving my work. As an artist, I want to give the children what is truly beautiful and healthy.

"Seeing so many vibrant colours, I am speechless about my feelings. In fact, complicated techniques are not necessary in order to create high quality art. The Chinese Spectacular, which is simple yet powerful, is proof. The show used only little assistance or colour but achieved a 100 0mpact."

Overwhelmed by the Chinese Spectacular

Mr. Stepanovic came to watch the show under a recommendation from his friend in Linköping, who saw the show on March 27 and told him that it was something never seen before. "He knows me very well. So he knows what I am interested in. He thought I would be overwhelmed and he was absolutely right."

Mr. Stepanovic commented on some of the messages in the Spectacular. "I was deeply moved when I saw the performance where innocent people were locked up in jail for their beliefs. There is still so much evil to be conquered in this world. We should build a beautiful world together for mankind."

Mr. Stepanovic continued, "I come from a former communist country, so I know about the evil nature of the communist party.

"Eventually, the righteous will win over the evil. The message in the program was very powerful, simple yet very symbolic. The drummers were also very energizing."

Mr. Stepanovic summed up his feelings about the Spectacular: "The performance moved me deeply. The whole program from the content to the spirit impressed me a great deal. I was extremely fortunate to be able to see it."

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