Sweden: MP Feels that Chinese Traditional Culture is very Broad and Profound

The performance of The Chinese Spectacular in Sweden has obtained consistent high praise from all sectors of society. In order to show their respect of freedom of speech and the value of democracy, several Swedish officials and politicians have attended the performances and announced their support for the Chinese Spectacular. At the same time, they condemned the Chinese Embassy’s interference of the Gala Spectacular and their behaviour of challenging Swedish democracy and human rights.

MP: "I deeply felt that the Chinese traditional culture is broad and profound"

MP, Staffan Danielsson talks to an artist from the Divine Performing Arts Company

The MP for Ostergotland, Staffan Danielsson expressed, he felt that the Chinese traditional culture is very broad and profound, but it is restrained and suppressed by the Chinese Communist Party. He delivered an announcement of disagreeing with the Chinese Embassy’s behavior of trying to stop the Gala’s performance in Linkoping.

Danielsson and another six MPs have published a joint open letter in the local newspaper, Ostergotland Correspondent, inviting the Chinese Ambassador to Sweden to watch the Gala Spectacular. However the Ambassador did not appear.

It has collected the essence of the Chinese traditional culture

Danielsson has very deep impression about the performance of the Gala Spectacular, he said, it has collected the essence of the Chinese traditional culture, it was very interesting and loving, the unusual technique of dances are excellent, the three dimensional backdrop was also extremely great! It has enabled audiences to see from all angles.

Danielsson expressed that he is very supportive of the treasure of traditional culture, freedom of belief and the value of democracy; as it can represent these contents and also make connections with the Chinese traditional culture, part of them is about the facts and reason of Falun Gong being persecuted ,‘I felt that it was great!’

The Mayor of Linkoping: "It is so great to see the Gala Spectacular!

The Mayor of Linkoping, Ann-Cathrine Hjerdt indicated, she has never been to China, but the performance of the Gala Spectacular has made her experience the glorious Chinese traditional history and culture. Meanwhile she appreciated the performance of the Gala Spectacular: ‘‘it was impressive and the costumes were extremely beautiful. It is so great to see this Gala Spectacular.’’

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