Sweden: Movie Producer Greatly Impressed by Divine Performing Arts Show

After watching the Divine Performing Arts' global tour show in Stockholm, Switzerland, movie producer and fashion photographer Mr. Valentino commented on the show from a professional perspective, "The entire show was very professional, seamless. I had a lot of artistic inspiration from this show. This is just amazing!"

Movie Producer and Fashion Photographer Talks About the Divine Show

Mr. Valentino said, "I feel the show is simply magnificent! This is the first time I watch a show like this, and I was amazed. [The Divine Performing Arts show] gave me a lot of inspiration for my fashion photographs."

Compared to traditional stage settings, the massive backdrop of the Divine performance uses advanced digital imaging and projection technology. Mr. Valentino was absolutely amazed by the backdrop. He said, "This is really surprising. In the 'Loyalty of Yue Fei' when the backdrop showed fire on the mountains. Wow! How did they do that?"

As to the Chinese traditional dance showcased and the costumes, Mr. Valentino gave his comments from a professional perspective, "The colors are amazing! So are the choreography and the movements. As a fashion photographer I deal with movements, style and body language day in and day out. I think the Divine Company performances are simply perfect."

Mr. Valentino said excitedly, "I truly hope that I may borrow some of the costumes for pictures -- they are so attractive. The choreography of every dance is very upbeat. The entire performance is very professional and seamless."

Artist: "The Show Has a Divine Energy"

Artist Kerstin Rikardsson watched the Divine Performing Arts' opening show in Stockholm on March 20. She said that more Swedish people should have the opportunity to watch such a beautiful show.

Ms. Rikardsson said, "The Globen should be filled with 20,000 people to watch this show! Every Swede should have the opportunity to sit in such a beautiful place and watch this beautiful show! I think one day this will come true."

Kerstin's artistic creation involves pictures or photos that communicate with people and create a sense of spiritual uplifting. She sensed, "This show creates a virtual reality that is elegant, is filled with wisdom and supernatural powers. It displays superior excellence from every perspective. The entire show is filled with higher spiritual energy. I was entirely immersed in this kind of energy and happiness."

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