Germany: More Audience Members Share Their Impressions of the Chinese Spectacular

On March 15th, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts gave a performance of the Chinese Spectacular at Berlin's International Congress Centre (ICC).

"We truly loved the show"

Mr. Heinz Gödtke, social lecturer, came to see the show with his wife Inge Gödtke. Both were highly impressed with the show and said, "We truly loved the show. It was all very appealing, including the music, the songs and the texts that were shown on the back drops. They expended a lot of effort on this show."

Gödtke added, "The waterfall in the scene Lightness and Grace was done exceptionally well. It was very impressive. There was a tinge of nature throughout the show in the scenes."

He had the feeling that the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Benevolence were very well expressed in the show.

He said, "The suppression of Falun Gong and the resistance by the same was illustrated exceedingly well. It is sad to hear about such intrigues. The evil is acted out. The scene with the child, The Power of Awareness, made a deep impression on me, especially that all began to meditate, as depicted so clearly on the back drop. Wonderful back drop! Great technique! The scene Lady of the Moon was also very important. It truly was a fantastic atmosphere, deeply impressive and it spoke greatly to the audience."

"One did not notice time passing"

Ms. Hoffman, quality and commodity controller, talked about her perception of the show, "I loved the show. One did not realise how time passed. The back drop pictures were snazzy, especially how they changed. Also, the costumers were beautiful. Yes, I also greatly liked the scene with the mermaids (Nymphs of the Sea). This is the first time I came in contact with something like this and it is not the last time."

"It definitely was beautiful"

Ms. Sommer, former office worker, liked the show very much. When asked what she liked best about the show, she said, "Smashing! Smashing! Very, very beautiful! It was beautiful! Gorgeous costumes, beautiful people and the harmony and the movements everything was smashing! The music was also wonderful! Well, what did I like best? Ah, the drummers, the Drummers of the Tang Court, naturally. Naturally Smashing! And the one with the fans [The Nymphs of the Sea], yes, I found everything to be wonderful!

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