Finland: Government Officials Express Congratulations for the Chinese Spectacular

On March 30th and 31st, the Divine Performing Arts Company brought the Chinese Spectacular to the Tampere Conference Centre in the third largest city of Finland.

Piia-Noora Kauppi, Finnish MP and MEP

Piia Noora Kauppi enthusiastically recommended the Chinese Spectacular to the Finnish people and said, “As I am working in the European Parliament’s China Committee, I have more opportunity to learn about the rich culture in depth with growing fascination. I am so delighted that the Divine Performing Arts will come to Finland. I recommend this Spectacular to you with enthusiasm and China may also be of interest to you.”

Minister of Finnish Immigration and Europe: "I am very pleased to be able to experience the heavenly beautiful, colourful and spectacular performances!"

Astrid Thors, Finnish Minister of Immigration and Europe

Astrid Thors, the Finnish Minister of Immigration and Europe, says in her greetings, “As the Minister of Immigration and Europe, I feel very happy at the arrival of the beautiful Chinese Spectacular for the first time in Tampere, Finland in spring, a very good time when all things on the Earth are coming back to life. We Finnish people are very pleased to be able to experience the heavenly beautiful, colourful and spectacular performances.”

“I extend my warm greetings to the arrival of the performance in Finland

Finnish MP Pertti Virtanen

Pertti Virtanen MP for Tampere, said in his speech, “During my long research into prehistoric China and Western world, I have deeply felt the power brought by the Divine Performing Arts which is very similar to the epics of our country. Today’s busy and chaotic world needs a profound spiritual awareness and experience, the overall and individual understanding of the soul of the Earth. In this Chinese Spectacular, she has brought us the super-material performance of the most awakening nature.

Representative of Taiwan in Finland: "It will be a feast of Chinese art"

Shen Pei Huang

Shen Pei Huang, the Representative of Taiwan Representative Office in Finland, said in his speech, “First of all, I would like to express my thanks to the planners of The Chinese Spectacular because the performance presented by the Divine Performing Arts will enable the Finnish audiences to have the opportunity to enjoy the essence of the Chinese performing arts.

"The upcoming Art Performance at Tampere Hall on 30th and 31st March, 2008, will not only display the level of truthfulness, compassion and beauty but also enable people to experience how the Chinese traditional arts and culture will truly touch the inner hearts of the people. The audiences throughout Europe, North America and Asia have all expressed their heartfelt appreciation and highest praise of the music and dances performed by the Divine Performing Arts.

"I am honoured to have the opportunity to watch the Chinese Spectacular that will be shown at Tampere Hall. It will be a feast of Chinese Art and it will let the viewers get spiritual peace and joy.”

“I wish you all good health and wish the performance of Shen Yun Chinese Spectacular a great success at Tampere Hall.”

The Finnish people long for the performance

Kaija Raty-Omar is the Principal of Helsinki Let’s Dance School. When seeing the advertising posters and leaflets of the Chinese Spectacular, she said with a smile, “Hey, it is so beautiful!” The Principal opened her notebook immediately and looked at her diary, “Hey, I have no engagement on 30th March!” Having seeing the short DVD presentation of the Chinese Spectacular, the Principal said of her own accord, “I will send emails to all the dance schools I know. This is my responsibility.” On the same day, she and her two students booked the tickets for the show on 30th March and they were in third row seats.

A Chinese man from the mainland China who is running a Martial Arts School happened to meet on his way the working staff of the sponsors who were putting up the advertisement of the Chinese Spectacular. He said to them of his own accord, “I have more than one hundred students at my school. Give me some advertisements. I will help you to put up at my school. I will ask them to watch the performance. There are Ballet dancers among my students. I will surely go and watch it when I have time. The traditional Chinese culture programmes can hardly be seen nowadays in China".

A working staff member of the sponsors of the Chinese Spectacular spoke to a gentleman on the train from Tampere to Helsinki. He went up to him and told him about the Chinese Spectacular to be shown in Tampere. It so happened that the gentleman was called Hannu who turned out to be the Mayor. He became interested. He read the leaflet about the Spectacular once and said, “I will take my whole family to watch it.” Then he added, “I will soon go to meet with some Members of Parliament in Helsinki. I will tell them about this information.” When parting, he asked for more leaflets about the Chinese Spectacular.

Ms. Viola is a resident of Tampere Talo and a music teacher. She booked the tickets as soon as she learned the news. When the working staff of the sponsors of the Chinese Spectacular met with her in a shopping centre, she said excitedly, “I have booked the tickets. It is so beautiful.”

The government officials looked forward to the arrival of the Divine Performing Arts. In addition to extending their greetings to the Divine Performing Arts and to recommending it to the people, they all expressed that, for Finland, the performance was a rare opportunity!

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