Germany: Audience Thrilled by the Chinese Spectacular in Berlin

Siegfried Huhn watched the Chinese Spectacular, performed by the Divine Performing Arts Company on March 16th at Berlin's International Congress Centre (ICC).

"Friends told me that it was my turn to go and see the show"

Mr Huhn, a consultant, went to see the show on recommendation of his friends, "They told me that it was my turn. This is my first time seeing this show and I truly loved the show. I would have loved to listen to the drums for another 15 minutes."

"This is something totally new for me and I truly was taken with the show"

The children of another audience member gave him tickets to the show. They invited him to come along, "I have no connection with China. I know nothing about the Chinese traditional culture. But, I can believe that this traditional cultural show can't be shown in China. The song at the beginning spoke about this issue in its text. I truly enjoyed the show."

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