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  • Thought Karma

    I realized also that, as a practitioner, I shouldn't claim to "know myself well." This was probably a manifestation of complacency. With ongoing cultivation, there will always be new attachments to uncover and eliminate.
  • Studying the Fa and Raising Xinxing

    Every night I send righteous thoughts at midnight. I found the result was very good when I read Master's articles after memorizing Zhuan Falun. My mind was clear, without any interference. Truth-clarification activities take much time now, but I still wanted to memorize some of Master's articles written since the onset of the persecution.
  • A Book That Is Able to Provide Solutions to All Problems

    She asked, "Is it wrong to teach people to be good? Is the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance wrong? Doesn't the government want to say that 'deceit, evil, strife' is good? I believe the Chinese Communist Party failed to offer any reason for the personal attacks on our Teacher.
  • Persistent Truth-Clarification Saves a Policeman

    As she looked at the cashier who understood the truth and heard words of support for Falun Dafa, the elderly practitioner was moved. Tears of joy ran down her face. She said, "Thank you, thank you! I will take this truth-clarification bill." The cashier smiled happily, too.
  • I Learned to Let Go of Myself

    Although my forbearance was not everyday people's endurance with tears, it also was not without anger or grievance. I was avoiding problems and suppressing my feelings rather than "forbearing." I was like an ostrich that hid its head in the sand as soon as the wind picked up. When the storm passed, it lifts its head up and pretends that nothing is wrong.
  • Let Others Know You Are a Dafa Practitioner

    After a long period of time I found that I didn't meet the requirements of the Fa-rectification, because no matter how well I did the work and how good my character was, people at most just thought that I was a person of good character. They didn't connect me with Dafa because I didn't tell them I was a Dafa practitioner. Whereas I previously thought that my efforts would allow my colleagues to understand Dafa's beauty, in fact it wasn't the case. I didn't validate the Fa and wasted a lot of time.
  • When Xinxing is Upgraded, The Power of Dafa is Revealed

    I didn't consider myself a cultivator during this whole affair. I only thought of my own interest and fought for it. I didn't have any consideration for others and I did not meet the requirements of the Fa. After realizing this, I told my wife over the phone: "It was retribution. I am a cultivator and I didn't act according to the Fa."
  • My Cultivation Experiences

    I thought that we Dafa disciples should validate Dafa wherever we are, so it was only right that I demonstrate Dafa's mighty power when I left the management position; that I should not curse or whine like other people when they are released from their positions. In every organization, in every industry, at every level, there is Dafa's existence and manifestation.
  • When We Concentrate Will We Be Able to Study the Fa Well

    We should really concentrate when studying the Fa. In the past when I was studying the Fa, sometimes my thoughts would wander and then I would just pull myself back and continue reading. Now if I find that I have become distracted, I start all over again until my thoughts are fully concentrated on the Fa. I concentrate wholeheartedly and make sure I am single minded on Master's Fa.
  • Correct Path of Cultivation

    "I heard that some tourists at Tiananmen raised their hands to shade themselves from the sun. Immediately, five police officers went over to arrest them. The tourists were angry and fought back. Then, another police officer came shouting, 'They are not Falun Gong practitioners. The real practitioners won't fight back.' " All the passengers on the van laughed.
  • Eliminate the Jealous Thought that Others Surpass Me in Cultivation

    While I was sharing my opinions and thought that I had a good understanding of this issue, I heard this different voice. I could not take it and responded sarcastically, "Even if I don't clarify the truth face to face, I still made more people withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party." Others were shocked to hear this. I was also surprised. How could I have said this?
  • With Practitioners Who Have Yet to Come Forth

    As I remember, at the beginning of the persecution, a practitioner once asked himself, "If I were to lose my life in the persecution, would I give up cultivation?" The answer is, "Every life comes to an end. Even if I give up Dafa, I will not be able to overcome life and death, much less be a cultivator."
  • Removing the Attachment to Relying on Others and Walking Our Own Paths Righteously

    In my understanding, the root of the attachment to relying on others is selfishness, which is the fundamental characteristic of the old universe. If one fails to remove the attachment, one would fail to ascend from the old principles or fundamentally change one's conventional thinking.
  • Nothing Is Trivial in Cultivation

    It made me realized that I had not eliminated my attachment to personal gain, and that this attachment was strong. On the surface, I often wanted help from relatives who had easier lives. Actually I unconsciously felt that they should help me. Sometimes it upset me when they did not help me when I needed it. How filthy and selfish a mindset that is!
  • Away from the Constant Struggle Between Love and Hatred, Gratitude and Resentment

    Ms. Ding said she didn't know to consider others first before practicing Falun Gong, and believed that everyone was out for themselves. She always fought for her own self-interest, whether she was right or wrong, and was very impatient. After she became a practitioner, she reminded herself all the time that she was a practitioner and must behave as a practitioner.