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  • Looking Inward and Letting Go of the Attachment to Sentimentality

    I realized that the bottom line was my being selfish and the attachment to myself. I always thought that I was good. I wasn't able to break away from that human notion and I failed to look at things with righteous thoughts. I failed to treat the things I encountered as a cultivator should.
  • My Cultivation Story

    They said, "Our auntie told us to remember that Dafa is good. You should not write such things. Go apologize to auntie." After my truth clarification, all of the teachers and each of the over forty kids in the first training class understood the truth and they all quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.
  • Continually Motivated to Improve

    Nikolai saw many photos about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners at the Lucerne Falun Dafa information booth. He was shocked and could not believe this was happening. After he started the practice, like many other practitioners, Nikolai clarified the truth to many people.
  • Eliminate the Thought of Showing Off

    Dig out the attachment of showing off, clear it layer by layer from the surface to deep inside, and be a true disciple of Master. Let's all use pure hearts to fulfil our responsibilities and not disappoint Master's great compassion.
  • Walking Away from Confusion

    We should pay attention to the tone of our speech; the expression in our eyes; the starting point of our thoughts, whether for others or for ourselves; and our attitude in doing the three things
  • Memorizing the Fa, I Can Do the Three Things Well

    My biggest handicap was the wish for comfort and being self-centred. I wasn't motivated enough to help others unless people specifically asked for help. I thought that, since Master emphasized Fa study, I interpreted that to mean that I could practice less or not even practice the exercises. Studying the Fa was much easier.
  • Whole Family Witnessed the Power of Falun Gong and Started to Practice

    The doctor from the county hospital eventually called me to follow up with my father's status. He was astounded and could not believe that my father had fully recovered. My parents are now in their late 70s, are continuing cultivation, and are healthy.
  • Letting Go of the Attachment to Fame

    I also finally understood why (Minghui Net) has been operating to this day, despite all the stormy weather, and is well loved and praised by people all over the world. It is because the website is operated and harmonized by tens of thousands of selfless Dafa practitioners who care little for fame and personal gain!
  • Thoughts on the Article: "Eliminating the Attachment of Relying on Others"

    When it came to Dafa matters, I usually regarded my mother's opinions as the most important instead of sharing my own understandings of the Fa with her. Actually, this was caused by my attachment of admiration for her knowledge of society.
  • Thought Karma

    I realized also that, as a practitioner, I shouldn't claim to "know myself well." This was probably a manifestation of complacency. With ongoing cultivation, there will always be new attachments to uncover and eliminate.
  • Studying the Fa and Raising Xinxing

    Every night I send righteous thoughts at midnight. I found the result was very good when I read Master's articles after memorizing Zhuan Falun. My mind was clear, without any interference. Truth-clarification activities take much time now, but I still wanted to memorize some of Master's articles written since the onset of the persecution.
  • A Book That Is Able to Provide Solutions to All Problems

    She asked, "Is it wrong to teach people to be good? Is the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance wrong? Doesn't the government want to say that 'deceit, evil, strife' is good? I believe the Chinese Communist Party failed to offer any reason for the personal attacks on our Teacher.
  • Persistent Truth-Clarification Saves a Policeman

    As she looked at the cashier who understood the truth and heard words of support for Falun Dafa, the elderly practitioner was moved. Tears of joy ran down her face. She said, "Thank you, thank you! I will take this truth-clarification bill." The cashier smiled happily, too.
  • I Learned to Let Go of Myself

    Although my forbearance was not everyday people's endurance with tears, it also was not without anger or grievance. I was avoiding problems and suppressing my feelings rather than "forbearing." I was like an ostrich that hid its head in the sand as soon as the wind picked up. When the storm passed, it lifts its head up and pretends that nothing is wrong.
  • Let Others Know You Are a Dafa Practitioner

    After a long period of time I found that I didn't meet the requirements of the Fa-rectification, because no matter how well I did the work and how good my character was, people at most just thought that I was a person of good character. They didn't connect me with Dafa because I didn't tell them I was a Dafa practitioner. Whereas I previously thought that my efforts would allow my colleagues to understand Dafa's beauty, in fact it wasn't the case. I didn't validate the Fa and wasted a lot of time.