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  • Falun Dafa Cured My Arthritis and Gave Me a Second Life

    My mother was very worried about my condition. She repeatedly advised me to come home to learn Falun Dafa. Although I had read in many Falun Dafa materials about the numerous cases of Falun Dafa curing strange and stubborn diseases, I still did not quite believe it. Could Falun Dafa really be so good?
  • The Benefits I Experienced after Starting to Practise Falun Dafa

    Later on however, the shots and medicine became ineffective and the swelling of my legs became ever worse. My doctor suggested having an operation to insert a stainless steel brace for supporting my legs. It would only last for a couple of years, though, and then the operation would be need to be repeated. After practising Falun Gong, the pain I had for more than ten years in my knees disappeared. In the last four years, I have not spent any money for health expenses, and for this I would like to thank our compassionate Teacher. If I did not learn Falun Dafa, perhaps I would be both paralysed and blind by now.
  • Stay Alert and Notify Immediately

    Upon contacting the bookstore I found that there were two problems with the ordering system. First, the name Li Hongzhi was not spelt correctly when ordering the book “Zhuan Falun.” Secondly, somehow the re-order system for “Zhuan Falun” had not been activated. Therefore, my call to the bookstore corrected the problem immediately. Also, if the practitioner hadn’t contacted me, the bookstore nor I would not have noticed the problem.
  • Western Practitioner: Living a New Life

    That week I did less and less negative things until the morning of the next group practise I came to the realisation that I didn't want to do these things at all. More than anything, I wanted to go to that next class clean. I threw out my drugs and alcohol and from that day since, I have never gone back. What is even more miraculous is that I didn't encounter any degree of cravings or a desire to go back to that way of life. My life was utterly changed, so quickly, so naturally. My family and friends were completely amazed.
  • A Letter More Precious Than a Thousand Pieces of Gold

    knew that Canadian practitioners were very busy; they have their jobs in ordinary society, and spend a lot of time working on Falun Dafa projects, but this practitioner's letters to his mother, each one very long and written late at night, managed to communicate key issues while on the surface seeming to discuss everyday topics, providing major assistance to practitioners in tribulation. A letter that can strengthen our righteous thoughts is more precious than a thousand pieces of gold.
  • My Acute Leukaemia Disappeared within Two Weeks of Practising Falun Dafa

    My family sold almost everything in the house that could be sold and also our land to pay my medical bill. Everyone understands what this situation means for a farmer. In China, many people cannot afford medical care. After being hospitalised for forty days at the Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University, the doctors said, "You peasants have no money. It would not help even if you had any. You must depend on chemotherapy to be kept alive." I left the hospital, because my family had no more money.
  • Teacher Guides me In Every Step of my Cultivation

    Usually, I am quite introverted and never speak with a loud voice. It was Falun Dafa that gave me the strength to shout with such hope from my heart. At that moment, simultaneous shouting of "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa," and "Give us back our Teacher's good name!" could be heard from every corner of the square. Each banner spelt out "Falun Dafa is Good" in bright yellow letters on red cloth. People stood and watched the contest between righteousness and evil unfold.
  • Russian Falun Dafa Practitioners Share their Understandings of the 6th Anniversary of the "4.25" Peaceful Appeal in China

    Mary, a Falun Dafa practitioner of over 70 from St. Petersburg said: “The appeal by Falun Dafa practitioners on the 25th of April in China was a legal action protected by the Chinese constitution and would be permitted in a democratic country. Everyone should have the right to express their opinions, yet only those people living under the Chinese Communist Parties (CCP’s) brainwashing education for so many years could incorrectly consider it as obstructing social “security” or be an act of “getting political”, with which the CCP could use as a reason for persecuting Falun Dafa.
  • A Confrontation Between Righteous Thoughts and Human Notions

    I was struggling with myself as I listened. I felt terrible inside. It became clearer and clearer to me: it was because of my lack of righteous thoughts. In the battle between a cultivator's righteous thoughts and human notions, my righteous thoughts had been unconsciously substituted with human notions. I had been using Falun Dafa as an excuse to hide my attachment to fear and had provided the evil with an opportunity to strike.
  • Falun Dafa Saved My Life

    The unexpected happiness of our family attracted neighbours, friends, and people who believed in Buddhism to our house. Some people asked me "How did you regain your life?" Some people jokingly asked, "How much did you hand out under the table in order to cheat death?" I said, "I did not go to the hospital, I did not take medicine, and I did not have any injections. Falun Dafa saved me. All I did was recite 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, and Falun Dafa are good' for eight days and my illness was gone."
  • Studying the Falun Gong Teachings with Attachments is not True Cultivation

    suddenly understood the reason why I was circling around and understood why Master didn't allow people in critical condition to participate in his class. If a patient who is a non-practitioner is in a critical condition, how could he let go of the illness? Master cannot help him if he is not a practitioner and cannot let go of his illness, and the patient might put himself in danger. At the same time, I also understood why some people who were seriously sick recovered by studying the Fa. They did not think about their illness at all and forgot themselves; they were studying the Fa wholeheartedly.
  • How I Handled the Relationship Between Cultivation and My Job

    They threatened that they would fire me if I didn't do what they told me to do. I wasn't afraid of getting fired, but I didn't want them fire me since they would be committing wrongdoings if they hurt a Dafa practitioner. Therefore, I talked to them in a peaceful and reasonable manner. I pointed out to them that it wouldn't do anybody any good if they fired me. One of my bosses asked me to resign. I refused. Later I came to realise that it was a trap. They wanted to use it to slander Dafa by claiming practitioners were irresponsible regarding their jobs and duties.
  • Only With Trust in Teacher Li and the Falun Gong Teachings Can We Overcome Tribulations

    My back ached and my hands were numb from the copying. At night, after I only had a bowl of rice porridge and some pickles to eat, my stomach grumbled. However, I remembered Master Li's words and I felt much better. Then, other practitioners proofread what I had copied. I had done a good job, as I was copying with a calm mind. There were not that many mistakes. So then all three cells had three lectures and each practitioner could have one lecture.
  • Family and Medical Staff Witness the Miracle of Falun Dafa

    At my family's encouragement I went to have a medical examination on November 9th, 2004. The resulting indicators showed my condition was back to normal. The doctors and my family were happy. I clarified the truth to the experts and professors, telling them how I miraculously fully recovered, to a state better than a normal person, only because I cultivated in Falun Dafa.
  • My Recovery from a Terminal Illness: A Cancer Survivor's Story

    It is November now. I have survived through October, the month in which my doctor expected that I would die. I did not die. Instead, I am much healthier. The clerk from the village health department took me to a city hospital for another examination. The doctor asked: "Can the patient get up from his bed?" The doctor couldn't believe that the result of the CT exam was correct. She asked me with confusion: "How could you have such strong immunity? Did you take any other medicine?" After she heard the details of how I became healthy, she praised Falun Dafa as being something very marvellous.