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  • Exposing the Lies to Tourists from Mainland China

    According to people from Mainland China who went abroad, the tour guides and local guides claimed that Falun Gong practitioners who display picture boards and hand out truth clarification materials are hired, and these tour guides also claimed that they were paid for doing this. Some people believed these lies, and this caused misunderstandings. These problems happened in Europe, Macao, Hong Kong and other areas. We have learned that tour guides from Chinese tour agencies are required to slander Falun Gong by their superiors, asking them to claim that practitioners who do truth clarification work overseas are paid to do so. From this we can see how Jiang Zemin's faction and the CCP use lies to slander Falun Gong.
  • I Read A Falun Gong Book Three Times and Regained My Health

    My wife, who often looked after me, was not well either, and she suffered from several chronic ailments. After my wife had seen the transformation in me, she began to study Falun Gong. All her chronic diseases went away, and she regained her health. She said cheerfully: "Falun Dafa is great!" From then on, my wife and I studied the Falun Gong teachings every day, and we both started to practise Falun Gong. Now, we are always in a good mood and do not need to worry about our medical expenses any more.
  • Young Practitioner: I Went to Tiananmen Square and Cried Out for All to Hear "Falun Dafa Is Good"

    In Beijing, during a flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square, I called out for all to hear, "Falun Dafa is good!" After the ceremony, I felt that I should let even more people know, so I turned and ran towards the people walking in the square, shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" After a while, the group leader discovered that I wasn't with the team and could not find me. He scolded me when he found me, but I did not hold any grudge against him for that.
  • Informing Everyone I Encounter With the True Facts About Falun Gong

    I said firmly, "This practise is great. Our teacher teaches us to be a good person, a better person. Not only does this practise help people become noble, it also eliminates one's sickness karma." I told him that I had suffered from multiple diseases before practising Falun Gong. In particular, I had severe psoriasis. The doctor from the Provincial Skin Research Institute had told me that no medicine could cure this condition. At that time, I also suffered from gastric disease, neurasthenia, and other ailments. All my diseases were healed after practising Falun Gong for half a year."
  • Mr. Sun Finds His Way Out of a Desperate Situation by Studying Falun Dafa

    From these materials, Mr. Sun found the things that this is what he had been looking for and realised that only the practise of Falun Dafa could save him. After reading the materials, Mr. Sun's leg started to have circulation again and wasn't as painful anymore. His leg changed from black to red, and the festering areas started to contract. Two weeks later he could get out of bed and walk with a stick and take care of himself again.
  • An Experience of Getting Rid of Symptoms of Illness

    In the course of experience sharing, fellow practitioners told me kindly that I have attachments to food and drink. I loved eating hot peppers too much, and any meal without hot peppers was not appetising to me. I also loved drinking tea too much--I almost could not drink plain water. In addition, I also liked to eat meat and had some other relatively intense attachments. These I was able to realise by myself, but had always thought that they were not a big issue and that there was no need to pay much attention to them.
  • Taking the Initiative to Help Stop the Persecution

    Why do you force people to disrespect him by stepping on his photo?" Speaking quite loudly to the police officers, I continued, "Take a good look at me. I am the same person that you once released because I had gotten cancer. But I didn't die like you were so sure I would. My master took care of me again. Do I look like a person who is dying?" I spoke at length in this vein. They all lowered their heads and had nothing to say. That day, all the family members who had come to visit imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners received permission to do so.
  • Triumph over the Attachment to Sleepiness

    It was very hard to describe my feelings after I came back to the Fa. I followed Master's direction and spent most of my time studying the Fa. Instead of being passive about the mistakes I had made, I tried to eliminate the interference and catch up. I realised that time is very precious, and that I needed to catch up with more effort and follow Master's Fa-rectification process since I had lost a lot of time. I quickly went into a relatively good state. Everyday I tried my best to do the three things well. I thought I should be more diligent, but I did not know from which aspect I should improve myself.
  • Liver Cancer Cured without Treatment

    My health returned and no trace of sickness could be seen. My complexion turned from dark and yellowish, to rosy and fair. I weighed only 114 kilos (250 lbs) during hospitalisation. But my weight increased to 122 kilos (268 lbs) in one month. Now I feel light and energetic when I walk. Many people said to me, "The hospitals must've misdiagnosed you." I told them, "The two hospitals I visited both diagnosed me with cancer. There was no mistake. I am so healthy now because I practise Falun Gong.
  • Falun Dafa Benefited Me Both Mentally and Physically

    I noticed that the bank gave me 3,000 yuan too much by accident. I returned to the bank right away, and explained the situation. I told them that I practised Falun Gong, and that I could not keep the extra money, and that I wanted to return it. If I were not a Falun Gong practitioner, I probably would not have done so. The staff said, "Who said Falun Gong is not good? See how good Falun Gong practitioners are!"
  • Persisting in Studying the Falun Gong Teachings at a Labour Camp

    Only a few days after I was illegally detained in a Detention Centre, my wife began to deliver articles written by the founder of Falun Gong, Master Li, to me. Upon returning to my cell, I managed to pass the articles on to other practitioners. In one or two days, all the practitioners there had read the new articles by Master. As more and more practitioners were illegally detained there, I decided to write down some of the contents from Essentials for Further Advancement, "Hongyin" and other Fa lectures from memory to study and share with them.
  • An Elderly Practitioner Who Has Cultivated Diligently for Ten Years

    The first regional Falun Dafa experience sharing conference was held in 1999. Grandma didn't know how to ride a bicycle, but she still wanted to attend. So before dawn, in order to be there on time, she started to walk towards the conference site, which was nine miles from her home. Walking in the dark, she accidentally fell into a ditch but was unharmed. After she started cultivation practice, no matter where experience sharing conferences or other Fa-promoting activities were held, she was never one to be left behind.
  • A Cultivator’s View Regarding Adversity

    Adversity can mean an ordeal, a disaster, demonic interference, an ailment, or bodily suffering. The Chinese character for adversity also means “difficult.” Whether or not a task is easy depends on people’s attitude. There is no standard demarcation.
  • Two Stories of Amazing Improvements to Both Mind and Body

    One day in 1997, a person asked me to listen to the lectures by Teacher Li Hongzhi. The more I listened to him, the more I enjoyed it. When I came to the second videotape where he talked about quitting smoking, I wanted to quit right away. I had been smoking for the past 20 years. Miraculously, on the second day, I managed to quit smoking and have not wanted to smoke since then. Falun Dafa's principles truly attracted me and taught me where illness came from, how to be a good person, and how to be a cultivator.
  • The Local Cultivation Environment is Important

    Many practitioners are quite busy these days, revealing the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution, often through national or international projects. Also, most practitioners have jobs and families, and when all is said and done, the first thing that comes to mind might not be to go outside and practise. You might do it by yourself, at home, instead. That has been the case for me, anyway. Most of the time, I have been with the others practising indoors on Sundays, but that has also been suffering lately, due to my own complacency.