Torture in Dalian City Forced Labour Camp

Dalian City Forced Labour Camp has detained hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners. The guards torture them in many different ways, including forcing them to do slave labour, sexual abuse, administering drugs, and so on. Over 400 practitioners have been persecuted to death in this camp. The labour camp claims that those practitioners committed suicide, and some family members who listen to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) defamation propaganda believe this lie.

Below is a statement from a practitioner who was tortured in Dalian City Forced Labour Camp.

I was imprisoned twice in Team No.8 at Dalian City Forced Labour Camp, at that time known as Team No. 2. This team was created to specifically to torture practitioners. The guards gave orders that unknown drugs be put in my meals.

In 2004, the leader of Team No. 3, Li Maojiang, ordered the person in charge of me to pull my arms apart and handcuff me between two metal beds. I was also forced to sit on a small stool and deprived of sleep. Two inmates were assigned to monitor me around the clock to try to make me renounce Falun Gong. At that time, except for my face, my entire body was covered with scabies, which itched beyond description. Bloody pus seeped out of the infected areas, but I was not allowed to wash. I had a splitting headache and quivered from the pain I felt everywhere. I often was in tears because of the pain--I simply couldn't help crying. They refused to release me.

On the sixth day, deputy team leader Wang Shiwei and another leader ordered Li Yue to torture me. He hit my head, face, and body with his shoes. I hallucinated after that and can't remember how long they tortured me.

After being beaten, I was handcuffed to a metal bed for a month. Before I was released, Gai Shaolei, handed me some medicine and advised that it was to lower my blood pressure. He told me that I had to take it since the team leader had given an order. I knew that they had put drugs in my meals. I could see the small tablets with English words printed on them. He put three to four tablets into my food and over 20 tablets were left, which he handed me. I threw them away.

In Team No. 8, practitioner Liu Yonglai jumped from the third floor and died. I heard from practitioners who had been imprisoned there that the prison guard had shocked Liu Yonglai with six electric batons for over an hour. Liu Xiaogang was also tortured severely.

All the practitioners imprisoned in Group 3 in the Team No. 8 had scabies. Sometimes there were over 20 practitioners in that group. They were covered with scabies, and yellow and white bloody pus seeped out of the scabies sores. Everyday they used up rolls of napkins to wipe away the pus as their sores festered. The itch was beyond description, especially in the evening. It was impossible to fall asleep. Despite this, the guards forced those practitioners to manufacture toothpicks.

I was detained many times--in the Drug Treatment Centre in Dalian City, in the Dalian City Administrative Detention Centre, in the Dalian City Detention Centre, and in the Dalian City Forced Labour Camp. The strange thing was that I only had scabies when I was imprisoned in the Dalian City Forced Labour Camp. I did not see any practitioner with scabies in other places, including Team No. 5 in Dalian City Forced Labour Camp. However, once I was transferred to Team No. 8, I had scabies starting at my ankles and going up my back. They festered, and it was painful and itchy. Then it rapidly spread all over my body.

Hundreds of practitioners are still imprisoned in the Dalian City Forced Labour Camp, Dalian City Drug Treatment Centre, Dalian Administrative Detention Centre, Dalian City Detention Centre, Nanguanling Prison in Dalian City of Liaoning Province, Wanfangdian Prison, Dalian City Drug Treatment Division, etc. They are suffering from all kinds of torture and slave labour and are given drugs against their will.

We would like to ask international society to investigate the persecution of practitioners and the force feeding of drugs in the Psychiatric Division of Dalian City No. 7 People's Hospital and the Psychiatric Division of the 215 Hospital of the Liberation Army in Lushunkou Region. Those two hospitals are both active in feeding drugs to practitioners.

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