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  • My Understanding on the Importance of Fa Study

    I believe I have enlightened to a deeper understanding on the purpose of Fa study, and have come to understand that it doesn't matter what level of understanding one has of the Fa, or whether one has studied the Fa for a long time or short time. It also doesn't matter if you are illiterate. What truly matters is whether your heart can genuinely study the Fa and solidly comply with the requirements of the Fa, to cultivate yourself.
  • Understandings After Losing My Keys

    Without a key, there is no way to open the lock. Many of my attachments are playing the role of different locks, constraining me from improving. This time, I lost a key ring that had many keys. This reminded me that I still have many attachments that I haven't let go of: jealousy, struggling, lust, fame, and material interest.
  • Falun Dafa Reveals Its Divine Power to My Husband

    On the day of the appeal, my husband stated just before departing that everything he had ever said and done against Dafa was now invalid and sincerely promised to never interfere with me practicing ever again. He also withdrew from the CCP and its youth organizations, a step towards a glorious future.
  • Do Not Go Astray

    Following Master along the way, I have sometimes been diligent and other times not so diligent. In spite of the unsteady path that I have walked, Master is compassionate to each and every disciple. I realized that as long as a disciple's mind is on the Fa and on saving sentient beings, every single detail on the path of cultivation is under the benevolent protection of Master.
  • Clarifying the Truth to a 610 Office Head

    Your office has persecuted so many people, yet no one has sought revenge. We have clarified the facts to you, yet why are you still doing such bad deeds? You see, the former 610 Office head has already quit the CCP! You are in a position to know what the CCP really is, and it's just a matter of time when everyone understands that Falun Gong is good, and has been wrongfully persecuted.
  • Examining the CCP's Persecution Via Implicating Family Members

    Jiang Zemin's regime and the CCP started the policy of "beating them to death is to be counted as suicide, no need for their families to identify the bodies, and cremate them directly." This has allowed such atrocities to happen on a large scale. Because of the CCP's cover-ups, the murderers are still at large.
  • By Taking the Lead, We Fulfill Our Missions Well

    While distributing the materials, we sent forth a strong righteous thought: "Save sentient beings." No matter what, no one can ever interfere. Let the people who have a predestined relationship obtain the materials. Although we have encountered some danger and some people who didn't know the truth have reported us, with Teacher's protection, we have made it through the ups and downs of these last several years.
  • Understanding the True Meaning of Searching Inward

    On my way home, I was sending forth righteous thoughts and searching inward. I found my selfishness. Recently, I always wanted to spend more time studying the Fa and paid less attention to helping out at the materials site. My "selfishness" surfaced. Deep in my mind, I always put "me" in front of everything.
  • Discussion on the Fundamental Point of Cultivation

    I definitely should not stay in such a dirty place. My original life is calling me. I should cherish the chance that comes only once in millions of years. I should cultivate from my heart and look inward. If I can just see things from the standpoint of the Fa and of saving sentient beings, all the difficulties will self-destruct and all the interference will disintegrate.
  • Let Go of Selfishness and Save Sentient Beings

    In the cabinet they opened, there was a box of truth clarification information disks about the persecution of Falun Gong. But they didn't discover them. When they opened it, I was very calm, only telling them the truth about Falun Gong and treating them as my own family members who were waiting for salvation.
  • Two Practitioners from Qixia City, Shandong Province, Share Their Cultivation Experiences

    She said, "Lower your voice! Lower your voice!" When I finished the first lecture I asked her if she could understand it. She said that she could. I asked her why she no longer asked me to lower my voice. She said, "It is a good thing. We do not need to be nervous."
  • "Looking Inward" is a Cultivation Tool, and Should Not Become a Catch Phrase

    However, we all forget one critical thing--that "looking inward" is the way to truly cultivate ourselves. Looking inward is the process of cultivation and of assimilating ourselves into Dafa. Thus, "looking inward" should not become a catch phrase. It wouldn't work if we only talked about "looking inward" and "exposing our human attachments."
  • Responsibilities

    Before, I forced myself to clarify the truth, distribute materials, and save people, in order to remove my attachments and pursuits. Now, it's totally different. We are Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. We have huge responsibilities. We must be responsible to the Fa, the cosmos, sentient beings, and the future.
  • The Wonders of Falun Dafa

    I have greatly benefited from Dafa in more ways than I can say. For one thing, compared to my peers, I look very healthy and young. People who know me all compliment me on my youthful appearance. I found this was a perfect opportunity to dispel people's misconceptions about Falun Gong and ultimately save them.
  • Reading the Fa with a Calm Mind

    The difference now is that I read the book with a calm mind and focus on each word and each sentence. When I do not understand something, I read the same sentence again and again, until I understand the principles corresponding to my level, before I move on. I am very attentive and not absent-minded at all, nor do I think about other things.