Practitioners Working on Truth-Clarifying Materials Should Put Their Whole Hearts into It

When we prepare materials exposing the persecution and promoting Dafa, we should look at the end-result from the viewpoint of saving sentient beings and from the perspective of those people who don't yet understand the facts. We have to think about whether the materials can help answer their questions and help them understand the facts. We should try to be responsible for fellow practitioners who hand out the materials and those who are still suffering in jails. We need to be responsible for fellow practitioners and for sentient beings, which amounts to being responsible for ourselves.

We should try to remember the readers of the material, as we are making materials to help people understand the truth, not for the practitioners around us. We need to carefully think about every sentence and evaluate whether people can understand and accept what we say. We need to use our hearts and compassion to save those sentient beings who are waiting for us.

Some of the materials seem to have been made with the mindset of checking off a task from a list. Of course, most of our fellow practitioners have many tasks to clarify the truth and are very busy, but I think we can do better. When we work on any project, if we don't have wisdom, Master will give it to us. If we can't do well, it is because we haven't cultivated well and done things attentively. As long as we do things attentively, many good ideas will emerge and problems will be resolved. We know that Master is helping us make those materials and building up our mighty virtue.

I haven't been making materials for long, and at first I didn't have much experience. No one could teach me, so I had to learn it myself. I downloaded most of the materials published on the Minghui website, and I checked how practitioners typeset the materials and what they put into the articles. Then I tried to typeset myself and after I finished, I sent it to the Minghui editors. After the editors revised it, the materials were published on the Minghui website. Every day I have tried to recite the Fa and asked myself to maintain a righteous mindset. After some time, I noticed considerable improvement in typesetting skills and quality. When I edit the materials, I normally download some news and pictures from the Minghui website and combine it with data from other sources, and then I tailor it to our area.

The whole process of creating and editing the material is a cultivation process, and the results are a reflection of those who worked on it. It illustrates our compassion and painstaking efforts to help sentient beings. When you look at some of the materials, you can feel the purity, compassion and responsibility. I think that non-practitioners can also see it when they read these materials, even if they may not realize at the time what they are holding in their hands.

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