United States: Two Large Box Trucks Parade In Chicago Chinatown to Protest Visiting Chinese Leader

The first stop in the USA for China's visiting leader is Chicago. On October 20, 2002 two box trucks appeared at two most crowded places of Chicago Chinatown. Banners on the trucks read "Jiang Zemin: Scum of the Nation, Condemned through Ages." The other illustrated some details of the secret border agreement with Russia signed by the visiting leader. This activity was organized by Mr. Shen Mo, the leader of Amnesty International China. The truck parade caused a sensation in Chinatown. Many passersby stopped to watch.

Beside the truck, many people were watching various displays. Many of them took photos too. An old Chinese said excitedly, "The trucks shall drive all over the United States and let all Chinese read this message." Another passerby said that he was very angry that China's leader had betrayed the country and gave the land to Russia. He said he would protest when the leader came. Many people were very angry and excited after read the message and wanted to sign their names to against it. The young men from China Amnesty soon set up a place for signature collection. Many people signed their names to condemn the Communist Party head.

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