Falun Gong Practitioners Tortured to the Point of Mental Collapse in Masanjia Forced Labour Camp

Ms. Yin Liping, a practitioner from Tieling City, Liaoning Province, was tortured in six Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forced labour camps and correctional facilities. She suffered a mental collapse as a result of being tortured in Masanjia Forced Labour Camp. She seemed unable to communicate, her eyes rolled back, and she appeared incoherent. She said that many practitioners suffered the same fate at the camp.

Below is information about the torture to which practitioners are subjected in Masanjia.

Mental collapse in Masanjia

I was taken to Masanjia twice. The first time I was released after seven months and the second time after three months.

I was unable to eat during my second term at the camp. The doctor said that I suffered from anorexia, so they brutally force fed me. After vomiting blood, they injected me three times a day with unknown drugs for three months. For a period time I was mentally traumatised and have no recollection of that time.

I also suffered paralysis. I was held in an isolation cell. There were many such cells and there was a practitioner in each one of them. I was told there were different kinds of torture instruments in each cell. My cell had a high-intensity loudspeaker. After I was released I could no longer stand any noise. After three days back home my face began to twitch, and I became restless,and had a headache.

On one occasion when I was mentally traumatised and without thought, a fellow practitioner showed me some videos. I cried when I recognised a fellow practitioner with whom I had worked to have imprisoned practitioners released. It helped overcome the mental block.

I also remembered the following practitioners who suffered a mental collapse due to the torture:

1-Ms. Hu Ying was held for three years at Masanjia. She became mentally disoriented.

2-Ms. Wang Ling was held for several years and was mentally traumatised.

3-Ms. Cui Zhenhuan was held for two years and suffered a mental collapse due to the torture.

4-Ms. Wang Shuxia and I were in the same cell at Diaobing Detention Centre in 1999. She was a kind and beautiful young lady. After she was taken to Masanjia, she was mentally disoriented upon returning home. Officials from the Diaobing Police Station were well aware that she was mentally traumatised, but they still sentenced her again to Masanjia for two years. Within two days after arriving at Masanjia, she was tortured to death.

5-Ms. Li Chunlan from Tieling also suffered a mental collapse due to torture at that camp.

6-An elderly woman, Ms. Qin Qingfeng, died due to torture at Masanjia. Before she died she thought that I might be released. She gave me her son's phone number. She was hoping that I could talk to him about Falun Gong and he could try to get her released. Unfortunately, the phone number was short one number and I couldn't contact him. I later heard that she had died in Masanjia.

7-Ms. Zou Guirong suffered a mental collapse due to torture. The guards injected her with unknown drugs, and she was held in an isolation cell. She told me that she was always tired and her body constantly ached.

8-Ms. Su Juzhen was mentally traumatised. I saw the scars on her body and heard her screaming as she was being beaten with electric batons. She could no longer recognise anyone. Masanjia caused her death as well.

9-I met Ms. Huang Xin in the camp hospital. She was mentally disoriented. I don't know her current status.

10-Ms. Zhen Juxiang was also mentally traumatised from torture at Masanjia. There was an article about her on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website.

Incarcerated in Six Different Camps

In October 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. I was imprisoned at a detention centre in Diaobingshan City, formerly known as Tiefa City, in Liaoning Province. In 2000, officers from a police station in Tiefa City arrested me and took met to a forced labour camp in Tieling City to server an 18-month term. However, after a one month I was transferred to the Liaoyang Correctional Institution. In September 2000, I was transferred to the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp.

In April 2001, I was transferred from Masanjia to the Shenxin Correctional Institution. I was then held at the Longshan Correctional Institution for ten days before being transferred back to the Shenxin Correctional Institution.

Nine practitioners, including myself, were taken to the Zhangshi Correctional Institution in April. We were held in a cell with five or six males who took turns sleeping each day. We were not allowed to sleep. It was heard that one practitioner suffered a mental collapse after 18 days of sleep deprivation.

Ms. Zou Guirong and I hoped to get out of there alive. After four days we were taken back to Shenxin Correctional Institution. We both had scars all over us and were in critical condition. Officials at the Shenxin Correctional Institution took us to a hospital for criminals.

To recount all the horrendous mistreatment at Masanjia is impossible and difficult even to describe. It's hard to believe the torture methods and variations of torture being used there unless one has seen or experienced them.

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2010/4/5/221017.html

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