Ms. Zhu Qiuling Sentenced to Prison; Mr. Chen Yinru Awaiting Trial

Ms. Zhu Qiuling from Suzhou City was sentenced to five years in prison by a local court, and Mr. Chen Yinru is facing trial.

Officials from Wuzhong District Court sentenced Ms. Zhu to five years in prison in the afternoon on April 2nd, 2010. Two defence attorneys and their bags were searched before they could enter the courtroom. They were not allowed to touch upon certain issues, which were pre-determined by the Chinese Communist Party.

Ms. Zhu, who lives in the Jiabao Garden Community, was arrested on July 20th, 2009. Officers from the Wuzhong District Police Department made the arrest and ransacked her home. She is now being held in Suzhou No. 1 Detention Centre.

Mr. Chen Yinru from Suzhou City is a demobilised soldier from the No. 38 Regiment and No.10 Division. His current job is account manager at the United Property Insurance Company. He is currently being held at Suzhou City No.1 Detention Centre, awaiting trial in the Huqiu District Court.

Mr. Chen was arrested on the afternoon of October 27th, 2009, as he distributed Falun Gong information material at the Shaige Electronics Market in the new district. The police ransacked his home and confiscated his laptop computer and other personal property. Officers from the Huqiu Police Department (Shishan Police Station) in Suzhou City took him into custody at 5:00 a.m. on October 28th, 2009.

Mr. Chen was previously sentenced to three years in prison by the Yuan District Court on October 26th, 2004. He was held in Wuxi City Prison.

Persons responsible for the persecution of these two practitioners:

Chen Xiaofeng and Shi Le from the Shishan Police Station
Zhou Wenqiu from the Huqiu Police Department
Huqiu Police Department, Domestic Security Division:
Shen Yong, head: 86-13915585599 (Mobile), 86-512-68213058-051
Hua Jiawei, head: 86-512-68213800
Jin Jianqing, head: 86-13382172120 (Mobile) 86-512-68213058
Huqiu District Court: 86-512-68127027

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