Paris: Actor and Magazine Editor Impressed by "Incredible" Show

Divine Performing Arts (DPA) performed four shows at the Paris Palais de Congres from February 27 to March 1, 2009. Paris, also known as the City of Light, has warmly welcomed this internationally acclaimed show. DPA is presenting traditional Chinese culture as it is meant to be: brilliant and full of beauty, grace, and energy.

Mr. Lesieux, an editor for a prominent magazine in France, and actor Mr. Fuller

Mr. Lesieux, an editor for a prominent magazine in France, and actor Mr. Fuller attended the second show. Mr. Lesieux was very impressed, saying, "I find this to be an incredible show. It is really interesting. The choreography was fluid, very delicate. The music--these were things we are not necessarily used to hearing here--I find the orchestra quite extraordinary.

"It's very colorful, the color schemes are not what we usually find in the Occidental mode. I found this very interesting, but these are things that make it so that we are very much 'in the show,'" he said.

His friend, Mr. Fuller, a theatrical actor, said, "The ease --that is what really impressed me--the ease with which they danced. The facility, the dancers' features--that everything is normal, everything is so easy.

"I think it was a really pleasant show. I just had the impression of traveling. [You] have the impression of going to discover a different world. I really enjoyed it, I really enjoyed it," he said.

Writer: "Very much impressed"

Mr. Agoun, a writer, said, "I was nourished by the show, by the rigor that combines music and Chinese classical dance. At the same time [it expresses] the richness of Chinese history--things very profound. As a writer, those are things that feed me, that very much inspired me.

"I felt a strong spiritual force behind each element of the show. The composition and the harmony were very strong. The symbiosis between the past and the present is total. That's what's magic about it.

"Those are things I work on when I write. The past and the necessity to pass [it] down to the future. All this has touched me very much during the show. Many thoughts came up as I bathed in the movement of every single scene. I was very much impressed and especially nourished.

"From this show, not only do I feel like writing, but also I feel like exploring things... that I would never explore. I feel like nourishing a stronger interest toward ... spiritual things that skim over me but that haven't really touched me yet.

"I find it very touching, because I write in this direction, giving a genuine knowledge by showing that humanity always has hope if it picks itself up--always, regularly, from generation to generation. Showing that the force of art and of the divine is not politics, but human, and is in the heart of each. That's why this show has really moved me."

Parliamentary Assistant: "Such beauty, such grace"

Ms. Moine, a parliamentary assistant, attended the DPA show with her daughter. She said, "I came to the show last year, and I was looking forward to this moment with much anticipation. It is absolutely wonderful. It's of such beauty, such grace. Truly a perfect show! Sublime!"

Ms. Moine, a parliamentary assistant, with her daughter

"I really enjoyed the fan dance and the one about the legendary Udumbara flower. The songs are also very beautiful. The music is very lovely and was played very well. Truly a perfect show!" said Ms. Moine.

Business Owner Finds "Messages of goodness"

Mr. Veyssiere, a designer and co-founder of a brand and design company, heads the sales and visual communications department. He said, "Before the show, I didn't know classical Chinese music at all; it was really interesting. At the end there was a message about Falun Dafa that actually I have started to learn a little bit. I didn't know about it at all before. Messages of goodness, of compassion, of well-being, of respect for others, which I like a lot."

Mr. Veyssiere and his family in Paris

As a professional in visual communications, Mr. Veyssiere found the backgrounds very original, saying, "I found this interaction between the real and the fictitious very interesting. Beyond the visual aspect it's something else, but the communication that passed between the screen and the stage was fabulous."

"We can feel that it's really a professional work"

Mr. Patrick Steqelora, an engineer for an insurance company, said, "It's a very beautiful show, even more beautiful than years past, because I saw the shows before and I really liked them.

"We feel that it's really a professional work. The diversity is really evident, and I also liked the sets. I think that the interaction between the sets and the themes is really impressive. There is a great variety, a great diversity in the programs presented, and in the various themes that are announced."

Mr. Steqelora said that the two sequences dedicated to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners were "equally well-presented and impressive."

Senior City Official: "Harmony, grace, and lightness"

Mr. Villette, head of a technical services company, attended the second show with his wife. He described the entire performance as "a display of harmony, grace and lightness," a feeling that his wife shared with him. "One illustration of the harmony in the show is the apparent ease that the dancers display in their performances. However, if we think for a moment, we realize that everything is extraordinarily technically challenging," she said.

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