France's Elite Declare: We've Discovered Something Extraordinary!

As Paris' elite continue to warmly respond to Divine Performing Arts (DPA), representatives from government, the banking sector, academia, and the arts expressed their appreciation for the highly acclaimed show. Ms. Chantal Berthelot, General Council Deputy of Guyana, attended Saturday evening's performance at the Palais des Congres de Paris.

Ms. Berthelot said that it was an evening of relaxation and discovery. "It was a great pleasure to come this evening. I have to confess that I have discovered many new things. First of all, I did not know [about] this art company. I discovered it both from an artistic and professional point of view. There were absolutely extraordinary dancers, singers with extraordinary voices, and impressive musicians."

Ms. Berthelot was moved by this deeper meaning of the show. "In fact, at the end of the show, I realized that this is a gathering of professionals using their artistic excellence at the service of their faith, of their mission, or at least of their belief. That is to be welcomed, because one has to recognize that this is something extraordinary."

"We can see that all of them [the artists] have something inside--because having the technique is one thing, but what is guiding people is their faith, their beliefs, their values. I believe that in this show these values are shared and well transmitted to the public. There are universal values that we find here, such as a longing for fraternity and tolerance. I believe that it is important that any community can defend its values. I was moved by this show, and I was really very happy to be here tonight!"

She added, "There are two aspects, the dance and singing in terms of technique: One sees we have true professionals on the stage, whether in dance, or singing, and then behind them, a thread that runs through all the pieces, a representation of a philosophy which I believe to be Buddhist. I found these two aspects an interesting mix--the artistic technique and the Buddhist messages. All in all, the show was very interesting and passionate."

"The music was very beautiful, and I am charmed by this show, with the singing, dance, and live music from [artists who are] real professionals in their art forms. And throughout it all, we perceived the message--the philosophy of the group, which is really above the art form. A message of life, of tolerance, and harmony, and the diversity that we have on this planet."

"It was a great discovery for me today!" Ms. Berthelot exclaimed.

Quite Extraordinary!

Deputy Mayor, Jean-Michel Fritz, joined in expressing his appreciation for DPA. He said, "It was quite extraordinary," noting that the audience had been completely transfixed by the performance. "Often in a theater hall, there are always people who are coughing, but tonight, nothing of that sort [happened]," he said.

For a Chinese journalist seated in the audience, the show was a reminder of his years spent in Beijing. "There is a part of tradition in the dances and in the actors. The music and choreography were very, very good!"

"What I appreciated most is the erhu, [two-stringed violin on which Xiaochun Qi played 'Hope'], which we don't often hear of such a high quality. She is a grand virtuoso. It reminds me of my youth in Beijing. The way of formulating the melody, particularly, gave me [a good] impression. The sliding of the fingers on the erhu is totally different from the violin. This was uniquely Chinese. We can absolutely be compared to the grand violinists of the West."

Also in attendance was a teacher, Miss Irma. She said, "I love the lightness of their movements, and I discovered the talent of the classical Chinese dance which incorporates the acrobatic techniques, as well as dance. Chinese classical dance is light, elegant, and fluid, whereas the occidental classical dance is too rigid and academic."

Mr. Touchet, director of computer sciences at a major French bank, said, "I find it beautiful. There is no doubt that all the artists have a lot of talent ... a lot of creativity."

He added, "I like the ideas and the concepts, like the concept of the flower appearing on the hand of the Buddha. The flower opening ... I like [it] a lot."

Going Back to Tradition

China specialist, Alexandre, said, "It's an outstanding show! It shows very well the authenticity of Chinese culture, without the usual boring repetitions. It's going back to tradition, neither based on the false glitter nor perversions imposed by modernism."

A writer who did not leave his name said he had been greatly moved as the show had expressed themes that he was interested in exploring in his own writing, that is "To offer a true understanding, while at the same time showing that humanity has the hope to always uplift itself!"

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