Overseas Chinese in Paris: "I was excited by every programme"

The Divine Performing Arts Group successfully concluded its evening show in Paris to warm applause from the audience. The brilliant performance on February 28th, 2009, as well as the profound and inspiring inner meaning, deeply moved the western and Chinese crowd.

Writer Ms Ginabode

Writer Ms Ginabode is a novelist. She said, “I am extremely impressed by the evening Gala. It is very beautiful and colourful. I like the design for the backdrop very much. We learned many things, including some Chinese history.

“The actresses wore colourful skirts and danced in a revolving spiral-shape. It is very novel. All programmes are very meaningful.”

Ms Ginabode’s husband said, “I like it very much. This is an outstanding performance. What I also like in the programmes is criticism of the Chinese Communist regime. This is very important and is also very normal. It is very good. One must tell the truth and have the courage.”

Painter Ms Lenior

Painter Ms Lenior said, “Although I didn’t become a professional dancer, I have always done classical dance. In fact we can see that the Chinese classical dances and the western classical dances have many common elements. But in the areas of difficulty, techniques and expressions, the Chinese classical dances have more wonderful things.”

Mr. Ding is an overseas Chinese in Paris. He said that the performance of the Divine Performing Arts is very professional. From costume colours and coordination, the design of backdrops to the artists’ professional skills, they are all first class. The artists are all first class professionals. It is remarkable.

Ms He is from northern China, “I think the performance is extraordinarily outstanding. I have never seen such brilliant shows in China. In China the performances all contain political propaganda. The performance of the Divine Performing Arts has a kind of primitive power. I felt especially close. It is from life and very close to life. As soon as the curtain opened, I started to cry. Whether I have good life or not, I have been very depressed for many years. I have been very tired. The nature scenes in the backdrop made my mind very relaxed. I was excited by every programme. In the final programme, I had very mysterious feeling about the rotating Faluns (law wheels). I felt that they contain many mysteries. Although I couldn’t quite understand the meaning, I felt they are very profound.”

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