Mainpost (Germany): Will there be a miracle for Jiang Renzheng?

Tragedy of a Falun Gong practitioner.

WÜRZBURG/SHENYANG: Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit also brings about the questions of human rights in the land of China. A Würzburger court and German authorities have their share of responsibility concerning the history of an asylum seeker which is unsurpassed by any other tragedy and drama.

For years, Chinese citizen Jiang Renzheng and his wife Ms. Rui Guo fought for their right to stay in Germany but in March of 2005, the Falun Gong adherents and their two children, one and two years old, were deported from Würzburg. That they would not face any danger was the reason for the refusal of their request for asylum. Until September, the belief was widely held that only Falun Gong adherents that have appealed publicly for the banned group would be in danger.

This belief, which was the basis for the rejection of the asylum request has been proved wrong by the tragedy of the Jiang’s. “This was a first in Europe,” said translator Jing Tang Wiesberg from Veitshöchheim, who keeps contact with the family. The twenty nine year old was arrested in China and sentenced to three years in a forced labour camp. Tang Wiesberg also confirmed “torture, brain washing, pressure on and constant monitoring of the family.” The Chinese officials objective is that Jiang publicly renounces Falun Gong. The Chinese regime views Falun Gong as a danger to its power. The movement includes spiritual and moral principles and specific exercises. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) worries that this group would develop into a resistance movement.

It was very difficult for the Würzburger Administrative Court (Verwaltungsgericht -VG), which had presided over the rejection of the asylum request, to hear about the arrest and subsequent sentencing, said VG spokesman Rudolf Emmert. They had not quite believed that the applicants were true Falun Gong practitioners. “Such a finding is most problematic during asylum proceedings.” Furthermore, the court relied on the judgement of the Federal Office for Migrants and Refugees, which held that the applicants were not in danger. The court rejected the asylum application and an appeal was still pending in Würzburg.

Jiang’s imprisonment was ample proof for the chain of wrong assessments. The German Federal Human Rights agency advanced this particular case during the German – Sino consultation meetings. Nothing changed. During the summer, Jiang was released for medical reasons from the forced labour camp, but remains under house arrest. During September, a federal officer found that in the case of Jiang, the danger of inhuman treatment was a distinct possibility.

On October 26th, the Würzburg administrative court finally determined that it supports Jiang Renzheng’s asylum request. Hope is till held by his Munich attorney Marin Scheid. But this does not help Jiang. The Foreign Affairs office is exerting pressure for the emigration of the family from China. Jing Tang Wiesberg was told that by November 11th 2005, they would be on their way.

Again another tragic turn of this already tragic story. Two days before the departure date, Jiang was again arrested. Now, the family of four has to hold out again in hope of a miracle.

Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa is a religious movement based on qigong in China that had its beginnings in 1992, and has spread worldwide. The main book Zhuan Falun was written by the founder Li Hongzhi. The movement Falun Gong was banned in China in 1999.

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