Germany: Telling People in Eastern Bavaria about the Persecution of Falun Gong before Hu Jintao’s Visit

Before Hu Jintao’s state visit to Germany, practitioners from Eastern Bavaria organised activities on November 4th in Regensburg and on November 6th in Cham. Since schools in Bavaria were closed for holidays last week, many young people came by who were very interested. They expressed sincere outrage in the face of the torture of peaceful people. People were very happy to receive our leaflets.

Compared with previous activities, we noticed this time that many older people for whom China had always been far removed from their daily lives, also showed compassion and were ready to appeal to the German President. In general, we seldom heard anyone say that Germany needed to keep quiet about human rights because we need to do business with China. Some people wanted their signatures to be used to appeal to the German President to raise the topic of human rights violations in China, and often those of Falun Gong practitioners in particular, during his visit with the Chinese President.

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