Westline, Ruhr News (Germany): Protest at the Roadside

China's President Hu Jintao could wave towards his countrymen/women, who were welcoming him noisily from the roadside in Dortmund. However, it is not certain if he saw the protest banners along the route in Eving. Human rights activists from Amnesty International and the spiritual practice Falun Gong demonstrated behind barricades in Eving’s downtown against China’s continued human rights violations.

The spiritual movement Falun Gong has been banned in China since 1999, and the regime is persecuting its members. Adherents are sent to re-education or forced labour camps, said Angela Xie- Großjohann, who has lived in Germany for four years. She had come across Falun Gong in Germany. She was appealing with half a dozen similar minded people a vigil on Evinger Street.

“The time the gods and your countrymen are giving you is limited,” was written in Chinese on one of the banners. ”Immediate arrest would happen if one should dare to show such a banner in China,” said demonstrator Xiaolin Chen.

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