The Bloody Violence at the Huangzhong Police Station

Falun Dafa practitioner He Wanji distributed truth-clarifying materials on June 18, 2001, and was arrested by the Huangzhong County Police Station. During detention, he suffered vicious beatings and damage directly from police and from prisoners who were instigated by the police. Their means were extremely cruel.

One warden is especially cruel to Falun Dafa practitioners. After personally beating up He Wanji, he called on three or four prisoners to beat Mr. He violently in turn. They punched his head and face, grabbed his hair to hit his head against the wall, kicked his legs and lower back, struck his crotch and abdomen using their elbows and knees and causing him to faint from the pain many times. This kind of beating happened several times. As a result, he suffered pain in his lower back and legs, and later his whole body became numb.


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