What Exactly Has The Communist Party Brought to China (Part II)

To all the Chinese people

When I came back to China for holiday in Christmas of 1999, I once went to the appealing office of the State Council for request. I just wanted to tell the government of my opinion through my personal experience in practicing Falun Gong and hoped the government to stop the persecution. However, I was caught and my passport was withheld just because I wanted to talk with governmental officials. I was held in custody for two days before being sent to my hometown and released. Several months later, I was again kidnapped when I was chatting with a few other Falun Gong students in one’s flat. This time I was detained and sent to Beijing Tuanhe Labour camp without any trial.

The policemen were just muddling with their work when the labour camp was holding the pilferers and real murderers. While once the Falun Gong practitioners were caught and sent here, all the policemen of different levels were in high spirits. It is because that the target of transformation has been issued, a large amount of money transmitted and those who didn’t do well in transformation can’t be promoted and financially rewarded. Those who wanted to be promoted and get more bonuses were sparing no efforts to punish other people. It was at that time that I found that the function of Chinese detention centre and labour camp is not to safeguard social peace and punish those criminals but to carry out spiritual persecution towards those dissidents.

It is difficult for foreigners to imagine that the reason why the Jiang regime employed all the governments of different levels, the whole systems of public security & administrative organs and spent a lot of money on causing suffering to Falun Gong students just for the purpose of sending the Falun Gong students to the prison, forcing them to give up their belief , and then making false stories in the media to deceive the public in order to fabricate the justice of persecution. I know myself as well as Falun Gong. What I do to appeal for Falun Gong has not political background or purposes. It is the same with all the Falun Gong practitioners around me. What we want is to have the right to practice Falun Gong.

Those who were sent to the labour camps together with me were teachers, doctors, farmers who got rich from hard work, engineers and company managers. There were quite a few people with Phd or Master degrees, and even professors and tutors of Phd students. There was a hydraulic expert, a slim young man. Once, when a famous reservoir got some problems, a special plane brought him to the city of this reservoir to provide solutions. He was electrically shocked and tortured by the policemen in the Tuanhe Labour Camp. One assistant-researcher of Xiehe college of medicine was tortured. This year I read the death report of another young doctor who had been held with us in the labour camp.
Those evil policemen in the labour camp were admiring our degrees, occupations and other personal qualities. Later, when more and more Falun Gong students were caught and sent here, those policemen fully knew that we were good people without any political purposes. In the Chinese society after Cultural Revolution, traditional morals, human nature, ethics have been combed out. Then you can find the real purpose and function of the Cultural Revolution - those people in this environment can be easily used. They can do anything once they get such orders and economic benefits from higher level. Every day I spent in the Labour Camp was like a battle. I was once beaten up by criminals instigated by the policemen, physically punished for long hours, stopped from sleeping, electronically shocked by policemen.

At the end of 2000, more and more Falun Gong students who went to Beijing to appeal were continuously arrested and sent to the labour camps. However, some of us who had stayed there for long time and couldn’t be transformed knew about their methods. Those evil policemen were frightened of our influence on the new-comers and thus they dispersed us. Six of us in the Tuanhe Labour Camp were transferred to the young male team of Beijing Xin’an Women’s Labour Camp.
Before going to the new place, one of us had a dream where we went to the cave of evil spirits. They firstly used a soft way - a group of people were talking false reasoning everyday around you. Some were hypocritical using both soft and hard tactics. Some were like young Red guards of the Cultural Revolution, shouting and stopping you from resting. They wanted to induce a nervous breakdown.

I once asked one woman who was involved in transforming me, ”No one has forced you to study Falun Gong at the beginning. How did you start the practice? ” She said that it had been due to her illness. Firstly she didn’t want to tell me what kind of illness she had got and later she said it was breast cancer and she got healed after practicing Falun Gong. I had also heard before of such cases of healing after practice Falun Gong. I told this woman: “You current life was given by Falun Gong. How dare you neglect your life?” She had nothing to reply but after a while she began to repeat those evil arguments. I found she still had one side of which knew, but the high pressure from the forceful brain-wash had completely distorted her. She didn’t dare to say anything based on what she knew to be true because she was frightened of being reported by others. In addition, it is hard for her to distinguish right from wrong because of the evil ideology and lies, though I could see her consciousness. How can the evil mechanism distort human nature! A person who was persecuted without right reason would rather appreciate the persecutor and help persecute others. I was so sad to see it.

When my one-year term in the Labour Camp was coming to an end, those evil policemen became completely ferocious. They handcuffed me on to a chair, and got a group of to s shout at me and hit me constantly for days. As soon as I fell sleep, they would push and kick me. Especially, they kicked me on my front shin and caused a lot of bleeding. Later, they imposed physical punishment on me. A group of young criminals from the youth team pressed me to squat down like the soldiers’ posture in the army. I was squatting down with half-foot between two feet, with the front sole of the back foot touching the ground and sustaining the whole weight, and my ankles and back foot lost the feeling when I squatted down for ten hours a day. Even one year after being released from the Labour Camp, my ankles and feet still felt numb.

When I was in Xin’an Labour Camp, different teams were responsible for my transformation. During the final period I was in the fourth team which was the most evil and announced that no one couldn’t be transformed. The team leader was called Lijirong She once talked to me before, giving me a hard time. I knew she must do all kinds of evil for she had been once reported on the newspaper of labour bureau and rewarded because of “transforming” those who practice Falun Gong. I knew there were so many crimes it her “achievement” of “transformation”. She talked with a soft tone and a smile. I wondered how malicious she would become later. While what surprised me was that she still remained so soft and smiling when asking the hooligans to torture me. It was the most hypocritical evil policeman I ever saw. It was the most evil. It soiled the human world. How could gentleness and smile still represent beauty when it hid a fierce inner world like her? How could we distinguish the good from the evil?

Later they found that I couldn’t be transformed and so they fabricated something to postpone my term. Then they decided to transfer me to another Camp, and so withdrew the people who tormented me, sent me to the single detention room and ordered me to deal away all the rubbish of the Camp. Once I was asked to attend a talk, a talk making me very sick. She began speaking softly, like “Everything is for your own good” , with that gentleness and smile. While I knew she would torment the people without being soft-hearted. I looked steadily at the evilness behind its human skin with disdain.

Some non-practitioners would say: ”Why not say you would not practice again, and who would care if you practice after coming out. ” Such people can’t understand how evil their means are! It is not such a simple thing. If you say it once, it will make you say it everyday, then you will be asked to speak on TV or newspapers. If you do so, you will be asked to transform others and torment others. If you can’t do it any more, you will be brainwashed again. If you did all the things, you would not be yourself any more, but as evil as the policemen. Some people are tortured to the point of having a nervous breakdown. I also did something against my will but I tried my best to endure the suffering. If not for the “Truthfulness Compassion and Tolerance” which strengthens me, I would have been destroyed by the hatred toward them. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep due to such emotions but I told myself I had to keep rational and peaceful.

If it had been just personal resentments or just physical persecution, I would have excused those evil policemen who personally persecuted me, who gave a tacit permission to the persecution, who plotted and instigated the persecution toward me, and their higher-level officials. But it isn’t. It is destroying and trampling on human nature, conscience, and righteous belief. I would rather forget all of it. If they could stop the crimes and make up for the loss, I also would excuse them. But they still continue the crimes. Although there are orders from high level, any person with a little bit human thought would not do such a thing. It is they themselves who chose to do their evil deeds so they must take responsibility for it.

As for the evil policemen such as Lijirong of the Xin An Labour Camp, Jianghaiquan in the Tuanhe Labour Camp and other policemen who are active in persecuting Falun Gong, I am willing to spend all my finances and time to investigate all of their crimes to other Falun Gong practioners and make them known to the public. We will make use of all legal means to trace the crimes against humankind, and punish them according to the law.

I believe that the God of Justice will give them retribution according to their crimes. They will endure the same physical and spiritual pains as those who were persecuted by them. The judgement given by the God will give the sentient being sharp lesson. The people will clearly see the result of doing evilness.

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