Intercepting TV Signals and Citizens' Appeals

It is well known worldwide that Mainland China is strict in blocking the news media. One recent example is that, around 500,000 people in Hong Kong joined the parade held on July 1 to protest against Article 23. [An illegal piece of proposed legislation in Hong Kong which would massively violate basic human rights] However, the news media in China did not mention a single word about this. Regarding the activity on that day, they only reported the left wing groups' celebrating the 6th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. Under the comprehensive news blockage, very few of the 1.3 billion people in Mainland China were aware of this parade, although it shook the entire world as breaking news.

Another typical example of news blockade in the recent years is the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong. During the persecution, one of the key strategies Jiang's regime has been using is: on the one hand, completely block the truth about the persecution as well as the popularity of Falun Gong outside China; on the other hand, in this confined environment, use all media to mount a nationwide hate campaign, just like the one utilized during the Cultural Revolution. The Chinese people are forced to only have one attitude toward Falun Gong, and throughout the entire process, Falun Gong is not given any opportunity to speak out.

In the past four years, inside China tens of thousands of practitioners have been abducted, sent to forced labor camps, raped, tortured to death, mentally abused etc. These cases have been confirmed by human rights organizations and governments in many countries worldwide. Still, many Chinese people do not believe them. However, from their relatives, friends, colleagues, or neighbors who practice Falun Gong, or news brought in from overseas, some have come to know the severity of this persecution. Many who do not know the truth think the government did the right thing, and as a result have a strong hatred toward Falun Gong. Although they may not realize it, their actions are making things worse, just like dropping stones on someone who has fallen into a well. For those who know the truth, even with no spoken words, they have become less active in committing bad deeds. Evidence has shown that the more of the truth people understand, the less reckless the persecutors dare to be. In this way, Falun Gong practitioners, who have suffered tortures of all kinds, are able to find some relief.

Without any other alternatives, Falun Gong practitioners chose a way that does not harm anyone, yet can help them spread the truth to people on a large scale. This is TV signal interception. Their goal is simple: to let more Chinese people come to know the truth, which in turn will stop people from helping tyrants do evil, either directly or indirectly. Intercepting the TV signals is an attempt to break through the media blockade in China.

Let us imagine, if Article 23 were reasonable, if the Tung government were able to administer Hong Kong well, would it have been necessary for 500,000 people to go into the streets to protest? In a like manner, let us imagine, if in China people could have the freedom of information and the country protected human rights lawfully, would it be necessary to break through the blockade by interception?

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