One of my Experiences of Validating the Fa

My house was illegally searched and my property was confiscated on December 29, 2001 because I practise Falun Gong. I was brought forcibly to a local police station and stayed for one day and one night with my hands handcuffed to the central heating machine. The next afternoon, I was brought to a women’s labour camp for brainwashing for more than a month. I took a deviant path because of the deceit of the collaborators. The evil people forced my family to pay more than 4,000 Yuan in cash and made me loose my position and deducted my wages as well as my living expenditure.

After I came back, I knew that I was wrong after repeatedly studying Master’s articles. I decided to correct my mistakes immediately and redouble my efforts to make amends.

On July 28, 2003, my daughter and I went out to distribute materials after we sent forth righteous thoughts at noon. As we were righteous in our heart, we did not have attachment of being afraid. We distributed truth materials on our way, to appropriate places such as parking lots, mailboxes, and telephone booths. When we were on the western side of the northern gate, my daughter found that a plain-clothes policeman was following us. We therefore walked in a westerly direction. When we were on the other side of Hsinhua bookstore, we were arrested by a traffic unit patrol. My daughter was righteous in her heart without fear. She put the bag of materials in front of one old lady and walked openly and with dignity toward the direction she originally came from. The Policeman followed her and as she was arriving home, he saw nothing to be used as an excuse to arrest her, then left.

I was brought to the traffic unit. When I looked at them, I found their faces felt familiar. They also felt that I looked familiar to them and said that we seemed to have met somewhere else. Actually, we had never met. They began by asking my name and where I lived. I did not answer and sent forth righteous thoughts silently to eliminate any evil factors behind them. I then started to clarify the truth.

During the period when I clarified the truth, I found that none of them knew what was written in the materials, as they were policemen and didn’t have the chance to read. They read (the materials) and asked me questions at the same time. I gave them my answers one by one. I said, “You guys need to read carefully to understand the truth and to analyse correctly the current situation. Those of us who practise Falun Gong do not get involved in politics. We cultivate to be good people based upon the standard of “Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance.” What was reported on TV about Falun Gong is fake. Do not believe in one-sided statements." One of them asked me whether it disturbed others in doing Falun Gong exercises while others were having a rest. I said, “It won’t!” I performed the 5-set exercises in front of them. My double-leg crossing surprised them and they asked whether it hurt. I replied, “No.” Having this opportunity, I put my hand upright in front of the chest and started to send righteous thoughts. Within 20 minutes eight to nine people from the local security unit had arrived, including the head of the local 610 office. They again took turns in questioning me. I said nothing about myself but continued to tell them the facts and to answer any questions they had in mind. I smoothly answered their questions under our Master’s strengthening and naturally did what I was supposed to do. The evil ran out of tricks as I told the truth the whole afternoon. They then sent me to the city guard agency.

After arriving at the guard agency, I did not cooperate with the evil; instead, I started a hunger strike and to tell the facts to the prisoners. I told them about “Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance” and that “Falun Dafa is good”. The next day when they came to bring me before the court, I took this opportunity to explain the facts to male prisoners. I walked and shouted “Falun Dafa is good” and “Falun Dafa is righteous.” Those male prisoners followed my shouting; I shouted once and they then shouted once regardless of the evil policemen. I deeply realise the power and dignity of Dafa and I couldn’t help but cry. In my heart I felt how urgently the world is in need of “Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance.” For more than 3 hours, I did nothing but continue to explain the truth to the one man and three women who questioned me before the court. During the process of explaining the facts, I felt pity for their being so lost and my responsibility to save them; again, I cried. The man listened to me quietly; he sometimes nodded his head. One of the women finally tried to force me to sign my name. I held the material written by them in my hand and tore off the last page. They dared not to take the photo of me. So ended the first questioning session.

After I went back, I repeatedly found where my omissions were. I sent righteous thoughts, studied Master Li’s articles, and enlightened based upon Fa. On the 5th day, there came a dozen of people to forcibly feed me. I had no omissions. On the 6th day, two heads in the office 610 came to question me and I said, “Do not ask where I come from. As you sent me here, I do not plan to go back. The secret order by the top authorities is to "defame Falun Gong practitioners' reputation, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically" and to "treat those beaten to death as suicides". You have beaten more than 1,000 practitioners to death. Do you think you did the right thing? Dafa practitioners overseas accused Jiang in the crime of “Genocide” and a trial of justice awaits the head of the evil who persecutes Falun Gong and its accomplices. Do not deceive yourselves as well as others. Think it over.” When I said so, one asked me, ”Do you guys hate us?” I replied, “No. I pity you. When the great disclosure of the truth comes, do you have any idea of your destiny? It’ll be terrible. I began to tell them when I gained Fa and learned the exercises, how I benefited from having my health improved and mentally upgraded, and why I distributed truth material and had a hunger strike. They quietly listened to me.

In the afternoon of August 5, I left the evil den after 9 days under our Masters’ strengthening and protection.

Thank you to our merciful and wonderful Master.

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