Falun Dafa practitioners are invited to the UK Parliament

Mr Luke, Member of Parliament [MP], invited Falun Gong practitioners to the House of Commons to discuss some issues concerning the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese government. The meeting lasted about one and half hours in a very cordial atmosphere. Meanwhile outside the Parliament building, tens of practitioners did the Falun Gong exercises and handed out leaflets for 6 hours.

Mr Luke is the MP of the constituency where Ms Mo Zhengfang, a Falun Gong practitioner lives. When he found out that Ms Mo Zhengfang and her 20-month-old daughter were doing a SOS car tour around 52 cities in the UK to appeal for the rescue of Falun Gong practitioners persecuted by the Chinese government and to tell the truth of Falun Gong to all the MPs, he invited Falun Gong practitioners to the House of Commons to discuss the details.

After the meeting, Mr Luke, MP come out of Parliament building to meet other practitioners who were doing exercises on the green where he participated in a group photograph. He was deeply moved by such a harmonious and peaceful scene of practice and immediately invited the practitioners to give a demonstration of the practice in the centre of the city of his constituency on the coming Friday.

That afternoon it rained heavily in London. Practitioners outside the Parliament building were nearly sitting in the rainwater to demonstrate the fifth mediation exercise quietly and peacefully. The scene on the green was very touching. After the heavy rain, a shiny, vividly colourful rainbow appeared across the sky.

Reported by UK practitioners
17th October 2001

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