Falun Gong Parade in London Calls for a stop to the spreading of China's state terrorism

On 14th October 2001, over two hundred Falun Gong practitioners from Taiwan, UK and the rest of Europe, gathered in London for a grand parade. Members of the Friends of Falun Gong Europe, Members of the House of Lords, and other human rights supporters also joined the activities. The theme was to call for an immediate stop of China's state terrorism towards Falun Gong practitioners, and to request the release of Zhao Ming and other Falun Gong practitioners who are currently illegally jailed in China.

Zhao Ming graduated from Qinghua University China and went to Ireland to receive higher education. At Christmas 1999 he went back to China and was arrested. Since then he has been suffering from severe torture, including the use of electric batons. In August this year Zhu Rongji, Prime Minister of China promised to investigate this case during his visit to Europe. However nothing has been achieved so far.

The parade on the 14th in London was of the biggest held by Falun Gong practitioners in the UK. Apart from the Falun Gong practitioners from Europe, Taiwan and UK, many other supporters also joined the activities, including Lord Moyne (Member of the House of Lords) and Lady Moyne, and John Dee, Chair of Friends of Falun Gong Europe, etc.

The parade started at the Chinese Embassy in London. Peter Jauhal, Chair of Falun Gong Association UK and John Dee spoke publicly condemning China's state terrorism towards Falun Gong. In two years there have already been 300 known deaths [although the real figure is much higher], not to mention the thousands being illegally sentenced to prisons.

Afterwards the parade began accompanied by beautiful Falun Gong music called Pudu Jishi. There were many banners and placards. The wordings included calls for the release of Zhao Ming, an end to the Chinese state terrorism against Falun Gong, release of all Falun Gong practitioners, SOS urgent rescue of the persecuted practitioners as well as a call for justice. Other banners stated the principles of Falun Gong: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and Falun Gong is peaceful. Some practitioners resident in the UK carried placards which told of the persecution that they had personally suffered as a result of the Chinese government’s anti-Falun Gong policy.

Many female practitioners were dressed in white and carried flowers or pictures of practitioners in China who had been tortured or beaten to death. At the front of the parade, there was a very beautiful, large wreath which had been painstakingly made by practitioners in Oxford. As the main body of the parade proceeded through the busiest parts of London, including some of the main tourist and shopping areas, other practitioners gave out leaflets about Falun Gong and the persecution in China.

On reaching Oxford Circus [busiest shopping area in London], the public, who were watching the parade were three rows deep in some places. They all watched with great interest and respect accepting the flyers. The atmosphere was solemn, serene and full of compassion.

London Police had made way for the parade through the busy streets. It had been an orderly march, which had been moving for its feeling of compassion and peacefulness. No interference had been caused to the traffic. The police were very pleased and said that it had gone well. They also wished the practitioners well.

The parade had passed through some of the most well known areas and landmarks in London. The solemn procession attracted many tourists and other passers-by. Many people gathered on the pavements to watch the parade and they asked for the SOS leaflets eagerly. When people discovered the brutal persecution happening in China, and saw the vivid torture pictures, they became quiet and solemn.

The 80 Falun Gong practitioners from Taiwan were walking at the front, holding the pictures of their dead fellow practitioners. Many passers-by were moved. They showed respect to the parade and read the leaflets seriously.

The parade reached Downing Street where some practitioners accompanied by members of Friends of Falun Gong Europe (Association of European Public Supporting the Right to the Freedom of Belief in Falun Gong) delivered a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair. The letter called for help from the British Government to provide more support to the Falun Gong practitioners in China, and to stop the spreading of China's state terrorism.

Afterwards, the practitioners went to Trafalgar Square, which is the main place in London for public gatherings. They held a press conference and read out the many letters of support that they had received from politicians and academics. Lord Moyne, an eminent figure in the UK, also spoke and a statement was read out on behalf of the Friends of Falun Gong. The Chairman of the UK Falun Gong Association also delivered a speech. Then, watched by many tourists, the practitioners demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises.
At around 5pm the gathering concluded successfully.

A Falun Gong supporter said that he felt the whole parade very solemn and glorious, and sometimes he could feel the crystal clear nature of the practitioners united as one.

In the evening UK and Taiwan practitioners held a mini experience sharing conference together. Practitioners from both groups spoke. Among them were two Taiwan practitioners who had previously suffered from cancer, but had been cured by practising Falun Gong. They expressed that such a great exercise should never be treated in this way (as the Chinese government has done). They felt it a great pleasure to be able to validate Falun Dafa and tell the truth in Europe.

Reported by UK practitioners
14 October 2001

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