Swiss Priest : I support all of you, what do you need me to do to help you?

Public Support for Falun Dafa practitioners' Hunger Strike in Berne, Switzerland

By Swiss Falun Dafa practitioner

Tuesday September 18, 2001

By September 14, 2001 Falun Dafa practitioners in Switzerland's capital Berne, who participated in the hunger strike had already spent over 40 hours in the vigil. Everyone treasured this chance very much. Some practitioners after work, rushed there by car over dozens of kilometres to meditate. The practitioners' hunger strike meditation aroused the attention of the media. News agency reporters interviewed the practitioners doing the hunger strike and took photographs. The report was seen in the newspapers the following morning.

The practitioners' hunger strike attracted one group after another of kind-hearted citizens. There were pedestrians constantly stopping in their tracks to inquire and cars frequently stopped in front of practitioners and people were concerned and wanted to find out what we were doing. When they knew about the truth, many people were sympathetic and they said, " We support you, what do you need us to do to help you?" The practitioners said that they hoped that they could uphold justice for us, help them to clarify the truth to the world, help them to appeal for the rescue of the practitioners persecuted in China. They all nodded and promised to help, and also took away many copies of the Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials to distribute to their relatives and friends.

There was also a Christian priest who specially rode his bike to rush there and after finding out about the situation, he said, " There are no human rights in China, no freedom of belief, I will help you to reflect your situation to the relevant authorities and before you finish your hunger strike activity, I will let you know the outcome."

The night came, at 2am, in the wee hours of the morning, the sky become overcast with dark clouds and a while later it rained heavily. Falun Dafa practitioners in twos and threes took out their umbrellas, some used their sitting mat to shield from the rain and their whole bodies were drenched. Some practitioners were not taking food or water, some practitioners had not slept for a whole night. What they were thinking of was the practitioners in China being steadfast in their righteous thoughts, using their lives to safeguard the Truth and that they were suffering all the possible tortures in the world. In comparison, what oneself was going through [hunger strike] was not worth mentioning.

Translated on October 15, 2001 from Yuanming.Net- 18/09/2001 article

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