My Admiration for all the SOS! Walkers

During the SOS! Rescue Walk from Amsterdam to Brussels I joined the walkers for one day. Although the organisation was quite chaotic, there was still enough attention from the media for the event and the goal of the walk was attained. When I met the walkers, a few hours later than planned, I saw that one of them was in a very bad shape. She could hardly walk and I had my doubts whether she could make it to Brussels. At this moment they only walked a third of the route. Besides that all the walkers were carrying very heavy backpacks. She, however, was very determined and said that she could make it. Today I got a call from her. They arrived in Brussels on time and the meetings with the media went quite well! With this article I would like to express my admiration for all the SOS! walkers. People with no experience or training accomplished a great achievement, simply because of determination, self-discipline and their faith in Falun Dafa. I hope people all over the world will follow their example.

Dutch practitioner
18th October 2001

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