German media reports on "Serenity, harmony and success through Falun Gong"

TAUNUS ZEITUNG: Serenity, harmony and success through Falun Gong

(“Taunus” is a mountain area outside of Frankfurt/Germany; “Zeitung” means newspaper; translator)

September 17, 2001

By Verena von Herwarth

Bad Homburg: (a spa town in the State of Hesse/Germany; translator) Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are the principles the followers attempt to come close to; to use these in their everyday lives and through which they cultivate mind and body. Most of the followers are found in China, where Master Li Hongzhi introduced this system for the first time in 1992. Germany meanwhile counts over 2,000 members.

Five of those introduced Falun Gong to passers-by last Saturday at Louisenstrasse. (Louisa Street). Accompanied by soft cosmic music, eyes closed, they performed the five exercises, which originated in Buddhist qigong. Between exercise forms, the cassette announcer gave instructions for the next set of exercises. Yu Li and Beate Brauer handed out informational flyers, answered questions from passers-by and also directed people’s attention to the petition lists, to collect signatures for the persecuted [practitioners] in China.

Since the number of practitioners in China has risen drastically – over 70 million people there practise Falun Gong – the Chinese ruling party’s government fears that this movement is intent on grabbing power and therefore banned the movement in 1999. Since then, all followers of the movement have been persecuted, hunted, tortured and sometimes been beaten to death. The government has branded Falun Gong “a dangerous sect.” “We are not a sect and we are not a religion, but a nice meditation group,” said Beate Brauer who has practiced Falun Gong for one year. “We collect no moneys and don’t pressure people in any way. Everyone can come and go as they please, when they want.”

Mr. Yu Li, who has practiced since 1998 added,” The primary goal for me is to become a good person. Human morals will be elevated, one has inner peace and one becomes a more harmonious individual. I have lived without illnesses for the past three years and have experienced greater success in my work and studies.”

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