Evil Persecution in Changzhou City

Evil Persecution in Changzhou City's Anjia District, Jiangsu Province

1. Anjia Police Station Personnel Persecute Dafa Practitioners

I. On July 18, 2000, close to the anniversary of the illegal ban against Falun Dafa, practitioner Cai Jianhua (male, about 60 years old) went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. When Anjia police found this out, six people from the police station and the town government flew to Beijing to find him. At about 10am on the morning of July 22, they found Cai Jianhua near the Golden Water Bridge at Tiananmen Square. He was brought back by overnight train to the Anjia Police Station and arrived on the 23rd . Hong Jianxin, the one-eyed station chief, interrogated him that same night. Cai was stripped, beaten and forced to kneel down on the concrete floor. He tried to reason with them, saying that there is nothing wrong to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. It was for the purpose of validating that Falun Dafa cultivates "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance," and teaches people to be good and not do bad things. Falun Dafa also does not collect money; how was there any evil in it? It is the responsibility of any conscientious citizen to say a fair word to the central government.

The one-eyed chief kept slapping Cai in the face and head during the interrogation for over two hours. Overnight, both of Cai's hands were handcuffed to the metal gate. About 8:30 am on the next day, July 24th , Liu Guangping from Weicun Village's police squadron removed Cai from the detention room. On the way to the conference room on the second floor, where the chief and other policemen from Weicun's Village police squadron were waiting, he kept slapping Cai, twisting his handcuffed hands, and then handcuffed his hands behind his the back. After Cai was dragged to the conference room, he was strung up with a nylon rope pulled through his handcuffs and tied to the top of the door, was beaten, kicked and slapped on the both sides of the face, which made him swing around painfully on the rope. They tortured him like this for over 3 hours. After he was taken down around noon, he immediately lost consciousness for about one hour, making him incontinent also. For lunch at noon he was given some rice gruel. While he was eating, he was threatened, to write the "guarantee statement" (a statement declaring he would never again travel to Beijing to appeal and would give up Falun Dafa). Cai told them that he would not write anything. Since Cai was nearly 60 years old, the villains were afraid that more torture might be fatal. So in the afternoon, they prepared the paperwork and sent Cai to Wujin's Detention Centre for one month of illegal detention.

II. In early October, more than 10 practitioners from the Anjia area went to Beijing to peacefully appeal at Tiananmen Square. A spy leaked out the information. On October 8th, they were found at Tiananman Square and brought back to Anjia by local policemen and local government staff. On the morning of October 10th, Chief Hong and his people forced practitioners to take off their clothes and shoes, leaving them wearing only thin underclothes. Over 2,000 Yuan in cash and other properties from the practitioners were all confiscated. The authorities started to interrogate practitioners without any legal procedure. Every practitioner was forced to kneel down while being questioned as to the identity of the person who organized the trip to Beijing. After questioning, Chief Hong ordered his accomplices to beat practitioners with electric batons and leather belts. He also beat practitioners personally. The beatings caused the practitioners to have cuts and bruises all over their bodies. In the afternoon, one-eyed chief, Liu Guangping and Dai Shini ordered others to fill a large sink with water. Two male practitioners, Rui Lagou and Cai Jianhua, were shackled on both hands and feet. Then their bodies were put upside down into the water several times to partially drown them. Then they were forced to drink cold water. Every female practitioner was forced to drink five cups of cold water as well. To those who refused to do so, the villains forced their mouths open and poured the water in. Some practitioners had bleeding mouths as a result. They also poured the cold water over the practitioners, from the top of their heads, all the way down. This tortured lasted the whole afternoon.

In the evening, male practitioners Rui Lagou and Cai Jianhua were stripped, leaving them only their underwear, and were also forced to kneel down on the concrete floor in the courtyard for two hours in the bitter cold. They both were nearly 60 years old. Although Rui and Cai were frozen and shivered, in their minds they kept reciting "Lunyu" (A Statement of Comments by Teacher Li) and Teacher Li's articles. The next evening, October 12th , for two hours, they were forced to do the same all over again. Together with another ten or more practitioners were then detained in a private hotel across the street from the police station. Everyone was given only two bowls of rice gruel per day. They had to sit the whole day while no one was allowed to speak any word. If one was found to talk, he would get beaten or be punished by having to stand up for several hours. At night, practitioners could only sleep on the bare concrete floor without any covers. Such torture lasted for 15 days.

At the same time, Chief Hong cheated practitioners' family members with the promise that he would release the practitioners if their family members handed over money. Some paid 3,000 Yuan or 5,000 Yuan, but no releases were made. Chief Hong had burned Rui Lagou on the bridge of his nose with a cigarette, which left a small scar. After fifteen days of illegal detention, more than 10 practitioners were sent to Wujin's Custodial Centre on the afternoon of October 24th.

III. On the night of December 26, 2000, Chief Hong ordered to detain 20 practitioners in Anjia District; first in the police station, then in the private hotel. At about 3am on January 3rd, 2001, Wang Haobo, a villain guard, found practitioner Wang Yuying practicing on the floor mattress with legs double-crossed. He slapped her in the face for over ten minutes and reported her to the chief police when he came to work. He then slapped Wang Yuying in the face with bamboo strip and forced her to stand barefooted on the concrete floor for the whole morning. Wang couldn't bear it and lost consciousness, falling to the ground. Other practitioners put her on the floor mattress and covered her with warm covers. She didn't regain consciousness until one hour later. Even under such conditions, the villains did not give her any food that day.

On the morning of January 10th, the one-eyed police chief and his people had prepared the paperwork in advance and sentenced Rui Lagou to three years and Xie Zhengying to two years in a labour camp. Three female practitioners, Kong Jianfen, Jiang Shurong and Liu Zhifang were sentenced to two years in a labour camp with the excuse of distributing Falun Dafa flyers. The rest of the practitioners were detained for 47 days, and not until February 9th, were they released after being forced to write the "guarantee statement" and sign their names.

On the morning of February 23rd, thirteen days later after the practitioners were released, chief Hong held a brainwashing class. Six practitioners who were steadfast in cultivation were detained for one week. Two couldn't endure the torture. Hong ordered the torture against four determined practitioners: Wang Yuying, Bao Meiping, Zhen Xiangying and Cai Jianhua. On March 1st, the villains tortured the four practitioners for a whole afternoon. On the morning of March 3rd, Zou Jinlong was ordered to beat the practitioners with metal tubes. On the evening of March 5th, Hong ordered Wang Haobo, Xu Qiang and another villain to beat practitioners with wooden rods, 4 centimetres about 1 ½ inches) thick and 4 feet long. The villains told practitioners if they renounce Falun Gong they would be released to go home without being beaten. The four practitioners refused and, one by one, were beaten with the wood rods. Three of the wooden rods broke from the beating, each into three pieces. Practitioners' left feet were beaten the most and were swollen to 3 or 4 times larger than normal size. For the next twenty days the pain would not let them sleep. Even with assistance, they could only limp along. Zhen Xiangying couldn't even straighten her back due to the severe pain and could only walked along the wall, her back hunched over. Seeing that she might die due to the torture, the villains forcibly dragged her home on the evening of April 13th. She had to keep her back bent and suffered the pain in bed for three months before being able to walk.

2. Practitioners' Words and Deeds Amidst the Tribulations

On October 27, 2000, one-eyed chief Hong and his accomplices tried all means to arrest Falun Gong assistant Cai Wenming. At 7.30 am, when Cai was waiting for the bus, the wicked police violently dragged, pushed, kicked, and beat him and then put Cai into a police vehicle. They did not follow any legal procedures or show any identification. While Cai was resisting arrest he asked, "What crime did I commit? Show me the documents. Why do you arrest me illegally?" The one-eyed Hong and his accomplices said, "No [legal] procedures are needed to arrest people like you. We can arrest or detain you any time we want."

Late in the night of October 28th, Hong and his gang started to cruelly torture Cai. They cuffed his hands, blindfolded him, tied his wrists with nylon rope, and then hung him from the doorframe like a swing. They used electric batons to shock him and leather belts to whip him all over his body. They filled the sink with cold water, cuffed Cai's feet, hung him upside down and pushed him into the cold water. After torturing Cai until midnight they stripped him, beat and kicked him, and then forced him to kneel down on the concrete ground in the courtyard.

On October 29th, they used the same means to torture Cai. He was in unbearable agony and groaned painfully. He lost bladder control and became incontinent. All the residents near the police station heard his painful groans. During the five-day and four-night torture, they tried to force Cai to admit the crimes they accused him of, but Cai did not surrender to the evil. On October 31, Cai was sent to Wujin's Detention Center and detained there for 9 months.

On the morning of August 9, 2001, Cai was sentenced to 7 years in prison. His family members did not receive any notice, not even on the day of sentencing. The evil did all this secretly. It rained heavily that morning. In court Cai smiled and told the truth facts about Falun Dafa: "From 1994 to 1995, I suffered from hepatitis B three times in a row. The last time my condition got worse and developed into a-plastic anemia, which is just second to blood cancer. After spending 80,000 Yuan, the hospital could not find a cure and forced me to go home. In 1996, I was lucky and learned Falun Dafa. It is Falun Dafa that has saved me and given me a second life. What is wrong for Teacher Li to teach us to be a good person following the principle of 'Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance?' You beat me so badly. Ten times you ransacked my home and confiscated my belongings, and only twice did you have a search warrant." The judge asked, "Who beat you?" Cai replied, "I have witnesses." The judge's group [all are accomplices of the police] did not ask anything else since they knew that they were wrong. Cai said, "After I had the disease my wife divorced me and left my son, who is 12 now, with me. My parents are nearly 60 years old. You illegally sentence and detain me. Who will pay my son's tuition for school and my family's living expenses?" The court was silent.

Kong Jianfen, a female practitioner, about 30 years old, has never wavered in her strong belief in Falun Dafa since she began practising in late 1997. She went to Beijing three times to appeal for Falun Dafa and was brutally tortured each time after she was arrested and brought back. Particularly during her last trip to Beijing, after the 2001 New Year, when she had stood up for Falun Dafa, Beijing police arrested her and tortured her with all kinds of methods. Later, Anjia Police Station personnel took her back and tortured her for about four days. She was hung from the doorframe like a swing and tortured. Her face and lips were badly swollen.

On January 20, 2001, one-eyed chief Hong sent Kong to a labour camp for a two-year forced labour education. The evil forces tried to force her to betray her belief while in the labour camp, but she has always kept an unshakable faith in Falun Dafa.


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