Chance Meetings in the Rain

By a practitioner in Germany
September 27, 2001

We held a "Journey of Rectifying the Fa" photo exhibition during Berlin's Cultural Day.

Brightly coloured Falun Dafa flags could be seen easily flapping in the air. Many people stopped in their tracks to watch our exercise demonstration. There were also many Germans who had already heard about Falun Dafa from our fellow practitioners when they were crossing the bridge opposite the Chinese Embassy and they came to find out more. (It seems that the efforts of our fellow practitioners to clarify the truth to pedestrians on the bridge have not been in vain.)

There was once a group of mischievous high school students passing by our tent. Two boys inquired if they could take a photograph with our practitioners who were meditating so that they can keep the photograph as a memento. After gaining our permission, they sat down beside our practitioners. Our practitioners taught them the meditation position. [It is called the lotus position whereby one is required to sit with legs crossed such that both feet are resting on the thighs.] One boy could actually do the full-lotus position. Although the boy kept grinning due to the pain in his legs as he sat in the meditation position, he still happily smiled to have his photo taken. After getting a copy of our Falun Dafa truth-clarifying newspapers, they left joyously.

A group of girls came towards us to learn the exercises. The seven to eight young faces looked really sincere and serious about learning.

There were also some Chinese passing by our tent. Most of the Chinese living overseas are willing to accept our truth-clarifying materials and chat with our practitioners. The Chinese tourists, however, kept far away from us and were expressionless and silent.

One morning, a group of seven to eight people passed by our tent. We handed out the truth-clarifying booklets but they mumbled under their breath,"Falungong! Who dares to accept the booklets, I will get myself into trouble when I return to China."

A few days later, the sky suddenly darkened and the downpour was very heavy. A group of people who were caught in the rain ran towards our tent to seek shelter. They started to take a serious look at our photographs. We approached them once again to clarify the truth. Someone brought up the incident of self-immolation [This incident happened in January this year and was actually staged by the Chinese government in an attempt to defame Falungong.]. I flipped opened the booklet to clarify the truth to them. I also clarified the truth about other rumours such as Falun Gong practitioners are forbidden to take medication, that 1400 people had been reported to have died from practising Falun Gong, that Falun Gong is extorting money from its practitioners, that Teacher Li Hongzhi owns an extravagant house in China, etc. [For clarification on these rumours, please refer to Teacher Li's article "A brief statement of mine" on July 22, 1999 (can be found at ) or any of our truth-clarifying brochures that can be downloaded at .] One gentleman was hesitant but his female companion told him softly, " Take a look! It's okay! " The gentleman finally accepted the booklet that I handed out to him. I was happy for them as they had the predestined relationship to find out the truth about Falun Dafa.

The rain suddenly stopped and the sun was even shining. We immediately made full use of the time to practise the exercises and distribute the Falun Dafa truth-clarifying newspapers. There are still many people waiting for us to let them know the truth about Falun Dafa!

[Translated on October 2, 2001 from]

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