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  • Turkey: New Practitioners Diligently Introduce Falun Dafa and Expose the Persecution

    “You see nowadays people live very tensely due to their stressful lives and economic situations, yet you bring such good exercise which can relax and improve people’s health. Thank you very much!” I said, “Then you should thank our Master!” He said, “Please send my thanks to your Master.”
  • Learning Chinese and Reading the Chinese Version of Zhuan Falun

    He was very interested in Tai-Ji, meditation and so on and began practising these disciplines all the time. About one and half years ago he met a woman who practised Falun Gong while he was practising Tai-Ji in Malaysia. This lady told him what Falun Gong was all about and the persecution happening in China. After having listened to this lady he came to a certain understanding about Falun Gong. He realised that it is what he’d been looking for, and after a period of time, he firmly took the path of returning to his original, true self through practising Falun Gong.
  • Two Kinds of Falun Gong Practitioners

    The second group puts their own elevation and personal cultivation first. They have the attachment of getting rid of their attachments, the attachment to doing things, and have a hidden show-off mentality, zealotry, jealousy, and competitiveness. They are self-centred. On the surface, they are validating Dafa, but in essence, they are validating themselves. With no sense of security, they see the persecution of Falun Dafa as a way to establish their mighty virtue and to improve themselves.
  • Letting People Know the Correct Facts and Getting My Job Back

    I decided to go to my company and talk to them about Falun Gong and why the persecution is wrong. I approached leaders at different levels several times over a period of time and clarified the truth to them while asking them to give me back my job. However, my requests were turned down. Their reason was that anybody who had been sent to a forced labour camp and as a result of that been fired because of practising Falun Gong would have to declare his stand in front of the director of the security department.
  • Some Thoughts Evoked by A Stranger's Helpful Advice

    I suddenly realised that, while I was very happy to accept that elderly gentleman's words when he pointed out there was something wrong with my car, I haven't been so happy whenever my fellow practitioners have pointed out my shortcomings. Why do I react differently? I suppose it's because I didn't know the elderly gentleman and I want strangers to be left with a good impression of me. When my fellow practitioners have pointed out my shortcoming, however, I thought they were doing so just to pick on me, so I would always try to find excuses for myself.
  • Recollections of Teacher's Lectures in Guangzhou, China

    On the night of the 28th of December in 1994, the Guangzhou Lecture Session ended. Teacher said to us, "My visa is ready." All of us knew Teacher would travel around the world to introduce Falun Gong. We did not know when we would be able to see him in the future. During the eight days of lectures, Teacher taught us the universal law and cleansed our bodies. When it was time to say goodbye, everybody felt sad.
  • An Australian Falun Dafa Practitioner's Journey to Tanzania

    The practise site had become a landmark on scenic Ocean Drive, alongside the beautiful Indian Ocean. Even the taxi drivers asked whether we can do a Falun Gong program in their local language on the radio stations, so that they can learn about Falun Dafa while driving. When we handed out leaflets on the streets, people came up to us and said they had received our leaflets, and looked at the website. They said they couldn't believe the brutality of the persecution! Thanks to the media's continuing positive reports about the practise, Falun Dafa has become widely known.
  • Not Moving One’s Heart and Righteous Thoughts

    I came across a situation in the early days of my cultivation: During a group sharing session, one practitioner pointed out the shortcomings of another practitioner, who then instinctively defended herself with angry words. A young female practitioner sitting next to me whispered to me: “See, her heart moved.” I wasn’t aware of the deeper meaning of those words at the time. But as my cultivation progressed, those words echoed again and again in my mind.
  • I Am a Falun Dafa Practitioner

    When talking about interference by the demon of lust in Zhuan Falun (the core text of Falun Gong teachings), Master mentioned a story of a practitioner from Wuhan city. The practitioner saw Buddha Amitabha and Laozi while he was doing the sitting meditation. Then Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara showed up and tested him by creating some flying heavenly girls. In the past I only realised that this was for teaching us how to deal with demon of lust. Recently, I suddenly enlightened to something more.
  • I Practise Falun Gong; The Persecution Can't Affect Me (Part 4)

    I again had blood in my urine and my whole body was in pain. On the seventh day, I suddenly started to vomit huge amounts of blood. At the time, the prisoners were very scared. They banged on the door and asked for the police and prison doctor. Meanwhile, Falun Dafa practitioners in different cells were also alerted. Yet, after vomiting blood, my stomach soon felt better and I was no longer in pain. After that, I was in a semi-conscious state. It was as if I had reached the limit of enduring the mental and physical torture.
  • A Small Practise Site in Mainland China: Studying the Fa and Clarifying the Truth Together

    During the past five years, with Master's help, we have continued with our group Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts. No matter what the weather is, no matter if we were busy or not, we have continued post to materials. When there was no electricity we would use candles, and we'd wear boots and carry umbrellas in the rain in order to continue putting up materials. Currently, there are four new practitioners in our village.
  • I Practise Falun Gong; The Persecution Can't Affect Me (Part 3)

    An officer then squatted behind the stool where I sat and stretched his hand inside the overcoat to drag my hair back so that my head was lifted. Another officer stood behind me to force me to look as if I was tearing a book with both hands. I grasped my fists to my chest so that they could not get their way. One officer tore a book and threw it onto me, another seized the chance to sprinkle water on my face to concoct a tear. I closed my eyes without any expression. I thought that as long as I refuse to open my mouth they could not fabricate any facts.
  • Clarifying the Truth for Four Years; Each Day Is Like the First Day

    "...After practising Falun Gong for only two and half a months, I restored my health and could carry a sack of flour weighing 55 lbs by myself to the fourth floor." The General Manager said, "Our finance department told me that you haven't made any health insurance claim for the past six years since you started practising Falun Gong." I added, "Do you remember that, before I practised Falun Gong, I was admitted to the hospital and cost our company 17,000 yuan in medical expenses?" "Yes. Yes. I remember."
  • My Wife and I Both Experienced Miracles from Practising Falun Dafa

    The relationship between our neighbours has also improved; we live in peace and harmony. She took the initiative and apologised to the neighbours with whom she fought before. She also introduced Falun Gong to our neighbours. Our neighbours were extremely moved. They all knew Falun Gong had saved her, and saved this family. All of our friends and relatives were happy for her change. She hoped that I could learn Falun Gong. I told her it was good enough that she practises it; I will wait for the right time. Every day I was happy to go to work and to come back home. After more than 20 years I finally felt harmony in the family.
  • Miraculous Changes After Practising Falun Dafa for a Single Day

    In 1997, I started to practise Falun Dafa. Before that, my complexion was sallow, and I was so thin and weak that a burst of wind could have blown me down. When I was in middle school, my physical health began to deteriorate as a result of malnutrition as well as the heavy burden of my school studies. When I went to high school later on, I had become extremely weak physically. I was diagnosed with gastritis, liver tumescence, cholecystitis, recurring stomatitis (canker sores) and several other illnesses.