Prominent UK Politicians continue to show Concern over Article 23 Legislation in Hong Kong

Mr Kenneth Clark QC MP, who is a former Chancellor and has held many key British government positions, wrote to a Falun Dafa practitioner on 10th December 2002 regarding the broadly opposed proposal of the Hong Kong administration to implement Article 23 of the Basic Law. It is widely believed that Article 23 is being introduced to allow Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin to extend his persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners into the free society of Hong Kong.

Mr Clark expressed his doubts about the Hong Kong authority’s claims regarding the proposed proscription mechanism. He said, "The Hong Kong Secretary of State claims that the proposals are not aimed at particular groups, but we must all await the actual draft of the Bill's wording before we can rest assured on this immensely important part of it."

Mr Clark contacted the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on behalf of this practitioner and has forwarded the reply he received from the Foreign Office, which detailed the many interventions undertaken by the UK government in this matter.

Other prominent politicians including several ministers have also contacted the Foreign Office regarding the Article 23 legislation in Hong Kong.

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