When Practicing Exercises, the Movements Should Be Performed at the Same Speed.

By a Dafa practitioner in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I would like to share my experience with my fellow practitioners. Hope that it will be helpful.

There was one problem. That is, when practicing exercises, we did not perform the movements identically. Each of the practitioners was practicing the exercises in his own way. Some might be faster while others slower. Some might be more forceful while others more peaceful. Because of these differences, I could not regard myself as one part of the whole body. It was not that I was bothered by this problem, but that I could not get the sense of belonging to one whole body because there was nothing identical among the fellow practitioners.

I had seen the video tapes of practitioners performing exercises at the same speed; the whole scene appeared grand and dignified because of everyone’s identical movements. However, at our practicing site practitioners failed to carry out the movements identically.

I understood the failure to perform every moment of each exercise identically resulted from everyone’s selfishness. I communicated with them, persuading them to perform exercises at the same speed, but my efforts were in vain. And everyone had their own reason for practicing exercises at their own speed. Faced with all of this, I understood that I was just looking outside for the reason. Master Li has told us that we should look inward ourselves. For a very long period of time, I had had no idea about how to change myself and how to solve the problem. I even thought, “If my movements are correct and at the right speed, why should I follow others?”

Unable to see my own selfishness hidden in my thoughts, the question remained unsolved though it did not bother me to such an extent. However, when I upgraded my xinxing (mind-nature/moral standard), I viewed the question in another perspective.

Once when practicing exercises, I had my eyes open and saw all the practitioners performing the movements still at their own speed. At that moment, one thought came to me: before changing others, I had to change myself first. Therefore, I started to follow the speed of one female practitioner without caring that sometimes she was at a slower speed. I had one wish: the movements should be performed identically though the unity might be reached between one practitioner and me. I thought of nothing personal, selfish, or unrighteous.

After certain period of time, I found that once I had no selfishness in my movements and attitudes, my movements were identical to those of the female practitioner.

When practicing exercises with my eyes open, I saw our beautiful and elegant movements, neither too fast nor too slow, just to the rhythm of Master Li’s voice on the tape recording instructions. I even noticed that other practitioners around us were performing their movements at the same speed, though they did not open their eyes. There were not many of us, but our movements appeared great and dignified. That day I understood Master Li’s teaching that we should look inward ourselves when encountering any conflict.

The above is just my personal understanding.

Translated from
http:// www.yuanming.net/articles/200209/12269.html

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