Cultivate Inward And Improve Ourselves

The round-the-clock peaceful appeal in front of Chinese Embassy in London has continued for more than one hundred days. During this period of time, we have deeply perceived that there is much more we should do in this special period of time. Every single attachment of ours may damage the reputation of Falun Dafa. In the meantime, there are opportunities for us to acknowledge our own attachments in the course of our cultivation and in the situation where practitioners are helping each other. The following are the two examples.

The practitioners who persisted in holding vigil in front of Chinese embassy were mostly students in financial difficulties. One day, a practitioner from another city came to the Embassy. Before he left, he wanted to leave some money for the practitioners there for necessities. They declined the offer, but the practitioner really wanted to help them. (The practitioner offered the money in his hands in front of the Embassy) A westerner working nearby spotted the scenario. Several days later, thinking that the money had been payment, he asked this practitioner: “How much money per day do you make?” We instantly noticed that our negligence had left a loophole. Through our sincere explanation, the westerner’s misunderstanding was finally dispelled. Since then he has further respected Dafa practitioners for their great kindness and forbearance.
As Dafa practitioners enjoy listening to Dafa music, sometimes practitioners were inclined to turn up the volume while practicing the exercises. On the other hand, some practitioners could not help talking to one other on the pavement when they finally meet more people on Saturday evening. However, the nearby residents became unhappy about the situation, thus they complained about our music and the gathering on the pavement. As soon as we learned of the complaints, we realized that it was us who should be blamed. Master Li asked us to be always considerate of others and mindful of others’ opinion and feelings. As a result, we sent a thank-you note to every residence in that neighborhood to appreciate their support and understanding, and, at the same time, express our sincere apologies to them.

From these episodes we realized that in the course of our cultivation we should be mindful of everything regardless of how significant or how trivial it is. As long as we still have everyday people’s sentiments, they will definitely be reflected on what we do in our daily life. As we are cultivating our xinxing (Mind-nature/moral standard), we must strictly require ourselves with Dafa’s standard no matter where we are or what we do.
The above is my understanding, and your comments are welcomed.

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