Mr. Li Shaotie in Critical Condition Due to Persecution--Elderly Mother Holds a Sign on the Street to Solicit Help

Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Li Shaotie and Ms. Zhang Baoqin from Fujin, Heilongjiang Province were arrested by officers from the Shangjieji Police Station on the evening of September 13th. Mr. Li was brutally tortured and has since been in a coma. Police sent both practitioners to Fujin Detention Centre. They have not eaten or had any water. They are in critical condition. Mr. Li was sent to the emergency department at Fujin Hospital.

Mr. Li's 90-year-old mother, wife, and relatives went to Fujin City Police Department multiple times to request that he be released. The police refused to meet with them. They also threatened Li's elderly mother. The mother had to stand in front of the police department with a sign to raise attention to her son's persecution.

A group of police officers took away the elderly mother's sign and threatened her and her daughter-in-law on the morning on September 19th. That same afternoon, guided by plainclothes police officer Zhang Guohui, a group of police officers took pictures of the practitioners and people who were concerned about this. The police rudely forced people to leave.

Six to seven people, including Li's mother, wife, and relatives went to Fujin City Political and Legal Committee and the Appeals Office to request Mr. Li's release on September 20th. The staff from the Appeals Office met with the family and made a phone call to Chen Yongde, the head of the police department. Chen Yongde said he would arrange for the deputy head to meet with the family. However, the next day, when the mother and wife went to the city police department, they were driven out of the gate by officers there.

Left with no other choice, the elderly mother had to stand on the street again holding the sign. She was then taken into the police department. Her daughter-in-law worried about her safety and went straight upstairs to request a meeting with the head of the police department. She was pushed down to the ground by police, and was unable to get up for a long while.

On the morning of September 21st, the elderly mother, escorted by relatives, came to the street to ask for support from people. After people heard the story of her son, many people were indignant. Some said, “I know that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people.” One person even told his son, “Use your camera to take a picture of her and we'll expose this overseas. Then the police who are participating in this persecution will be afraid.” They immediately took a picture of her. The mother asked somebody to help write an appeal letter and asked people to help distribute it. Over one hundred appeal letters were distributed shortly afterwards.

Mr. Li Shaotie previously lived on Xiangyang Street in Fujin City. He was born in 1953. Because he practises Falun Gong, three people in his family have been arrested and persecuted in prison, and he has been arrested multiple times. He was beaten and scolded by guards and inmates at Jiamusi Forced Labour Camp. He was handcuffed and shackled to an iron chair around the clock every day. Only one of his hands was released during meal time. The longest he was forced to sit on the iron chair was three weeks. When he was let off, he could not even walk. His legs and feet were so swollen that he could not put on his shoes even many days after he was let off the chair. He was arrested again in August 2004. A month later, he was sent to Suihua Forced Labour Camp and went through two and a half years of persecution. In January 2007, he became so weak that he was released on medical parole.

Responsible individuals:

Chen Yongde, head of Fujin City Police Department: +86-454-2345991, +86-454-8314666 (Home),
Li Guohui, deputy head of Fujin City Police Department: +86-13504695777
Zhang Fucai, head of Shanjieji Police Station: +86-454-2330919, (Home), +86-13945448919
Li Zhenzhong, head of Fujin City Detention Centre: +86-454-2322518, +86-454-2345777 (Home),

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