UK: Councillors, Citizens and Media of North Lincolnshire learn about Falun Dafa

By Dafa practitioners in the UK

On 29th June several practitioners from central England went to a city in North Lincolnshire. There were no local practitioners in this city and it was the first time that we had done Hong Fa there. To the local people it was a fortunate day since they were given the chance to get to know about Falun Dafa!

It was a partially sunny day but the winds were exceedingly strong, and the display boards were dragged along the ground. However no boards actually fell over. People who were reading the displayed materials said humorously, “Look at that! They (the boards) are walking!” Our peaceful music and beautiful movements attracted many people who also accepted the leaflets and enquired about the local practice sites. People were very interested in Falun Gong and we were invited to teach the exercises. Someone even said, “You should come to our hospital and teach exercises, since such relaxing movements are bound to be beneficial to medical professionals.” On that day we gave out nearly 2000 leaflets. The biggest local newspaper came and interviewed us and took some photos of the scene. Two local councillors also joined us. They talked to practitioners and then signed their names on a petition to stop this vicious persecution. They said, “It is hard to believe that such persecutions have been allowed to happen.” They also expressed that they would write to MPs and state their opinion to the British Government. Before departure one councillor also took away a bundle of leaflets with him. It was such a coincidence that after we finished the whole day’s activities and walked into a supermarket, we bumped into this councillor again. For the second time we said goodbye to each other.

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